Recap: Blues Narrowly Edge Jets in 3-2 Win

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Strange things were afoot at the DrinkScotch tonight. From weird puck bounces, to short handed goals, to zombified creatures cleaning up our Ice. Somehow the Blues were able to pluck out a W from all of the madness, beating the Winnipeg Jets 3-2. Recap Time!

Who are these Winnipeg Jets… doth thou have some form of crazy St. Louis Blues Kryptonite? Do they wear this Kryptonite under their jerseys? Or in their gloves? This was not the St. Louis Blues we have gotten accustomed to watching the last few games. This was a weird power depleted team that couldn’t get past the Jet’s blue line through half the game. The Blues Penalty  box door was open wider then the Roman Polak door on Blackhawks game day. What's up Blues?! Cat got your skates? Did tiny alienoids come down and steal your talent with a weird glowing puck?

The first period by the Blues was stop and start at best. The Blues seemed to be on the penalty kill at every turn. There was no pressure and no flow through out the period, what little got built up fizzled out once that penalty box door opened up. The Neutral Zone seemed to be come the "This is where we Play Zone." At 6:36 of the period Brenden Morrow put the Blues on the board after a nice pass of of the boards from Kevin Shattenkirk to Ryan Reaves.

The lead wouldn’t last long. Morrow and Roy took matching minors for roughing and interference to give the Jets a 5 on 3 power play opportunity. In typical super villain fashion, Blake Wheeler capitalized on a very high rebound, tying the game up 1-1.

The second period carried over all of the horribleness that filled the first, only worse. Neither team could get a decent scoring chance. It was a deadlock, stalemate stuck in between the two blue lines. The Jets laid everything out on the ice, resulting in 21 hits for the night.

The third opened up with stronger play from the Blues. Transitions were better, and quicker. T.J. Oshie was on a mission. As I said on twitter he was filled with glorious purpose. #OshieDown isn’t just a popular hashtag for no reason. At 4:16 Oshie made a lovely little toe drag from his knees to get the puck to Alex Pietrangelo who had an easy time putting the puck past Winnipeg’s Ondrej Pavelec, taking the lead 2-1.

*Pietrangelo showed Oshie his appreciation with a nice little peck on the top of the helmet.*

The Blues would hold the lead for six minutes before Andrew Ladd would tie up the game with a horrible short handed breakaway at 10:27, resulting in another blown lead with the score standing at 2-2.

Overtime inched ever closer as the clock ticked down the time left in regulation. At 17:47, Tobias Enstrom through it would be a good idea to all but tackle Oshie along the boards resulting in an interference penalty for the Jets, and a power play for the blue and yellow. At exactly 19:00 of the third Mr. Alexander Steen would be the Blues hero, again, banking in a lovely rebound to put the Blues on top 3-2.

Let’s look at the positives of the game, the blues earned 2 points and Steener, "The Jiminy Cricket of your St. Louis Blues" is now the sole leader of most goals in the NHL. Scoring 11 Goals in 10 games. TJ Oshie is a damn good hockey player and should be feared more then he is because damn can he play at any angle his body might be positioned.

The negatives were glaringly obvious. The Blues were sluggish and they sure as shit didn’t deserve to win the game after some horrible turn overs and lackadaisical pressure. I will take the win but I will not take this type of play from my Blues. Keep tweaking, its only ten games but it is becoming a pattern here boys and it isn’t going to help you along the way, not in this league, and defiantly not in your devision.

Celebrate tonight, for Friday is the start of our first real test on the road.

Those are my thoughts, let me know yours in the Comments!

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