Saturday Links: Cats Come A'Callin'

I think you forgot to "Edit Player" so you aren't wearing the default goalie pads. - Ronald Martinez

Click stuff. Nuff said.

More Blues hockey? Why, yes, please if you don't mind!


  • Congratulations to Alexander Steen on becoming a real hockey player - Thursday night he lost his first tooth! Remember, Alex, if you leave it under your pillow, the Tooth Fairy will bring you a new contract! He'll be fine for tonight, however. [STLToday]
  • Vladimir Sobotka is ready for any role this season. Only no, he really isn't. He's fantastic at his role, so just let him keep doing that. His goal on Thursday was pretty great, though. [STLToday]
  • Brenden Morrow put in quite a lot of effort to get his work visa situation sorted out in time to keep Sobotka off of the 2nd line play the other night. The man had to fly to Detroit. And Canada. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies! (Although most of my worst enemies are already in either Detroit or Canada.) [STLToday]
  • Expectations are high this season in Chicago, as they're expecting a run to the cup. ...what? I'm talking about the Chicago Wolves (and thusly, the Calder Cup)! Goddamnit, this is going to get confusing pretty quickly, isn't it? Stick-tap to CCR for the heads up on this one! [Chicago Tribune]


  • On Thursday, the Cats beat Dallas 4-2, with Marcel Goc scoring twice. Fun fact: Aleksander Barkov also scored in that game, becoming the youngest player in NHL history to score a goal at the tender age of 18 years and 31 days old. But now that he's an 18 year old-33 day old grizzled veteran, he probably doesn't have much left in the tank. [Litter Box Cats]
  • Hey, did you know that after the Blues threw Ryan Whitney back on the scrap heap that the Panthers picked him up? I'll be honest, I did not know that until last night. Good luck to know, starting tomorrow night. [Litter Box Cats]
  • 20 years later (or 2 years longer than Barkov has been alive), we're still waiting on that blood feud between the Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning to develop. [Raw Charge]


  • Hockey happened last night. []
  • More hockey happens tonight. Outside of us, the highlights include the first Battle of Ontario of the year and [Fuck] Detroit's first visit to Boston as division rivals since 1974. []
  • On the Forecheck has a generally good and even discussion on fighting. [On the Forecheck]
  • Among the games last night was the first of inevitably dozens of over-hyped Seth Jones-vs-Nathan MacKinnon matchups. I'll admit, though, on Thursday I may have thrown a few "MacKinnon's Better!"s at Jones...I'll probably flip it when Colorado comes to town, though. As you do. [Puck Daddy]


  • This 3 year old girl knows everything about the Seahawks. Which sounds adorable, until you remember that making a 3 year old a Seahawks fan is considered child abuse in many states. [Huff Post]
  • I'd say this falls under the Science Saturday umbrella. Ever wanted to meet Siri? I mean the real-life Siri? Her name is Susan Bennett and apparently she lives just outside of Atlanta, which of course means that Hildy must find her when she heads back south so she can...I don't know, do something for us. Appear on Beyond Checkerdome? Maybe just record all of the worst Game Time insults from a GDT. I feel like this must be used somehow - think BIG people! []


Just one today, but it's all you need! It's all of the pre-game action from Thursday night - all 20+ minutes worth! GET PUMPED!

I'm back tomorrow. Send me some shit!

There will probably be other stuff to read today, though I'm not sure yet what or when. Check back, later, won't you? At least for the GDT tonight! And do stick around for the Poppins!

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