Monday Links - Unrested Layover

This guy. He's kinda good and stuff. - Patrick Smith

Blues lose in DC. Weird scheduling. Prospects. Other happenings. Alcohol. Tornadoes. STAUNTON BULLDOGS. And master archery. Monday sucks, but it's worse after a bad Blues loss.

The next time the NHL schedules a team to play a home game on a Saturday night in the central time zone, then fly them to an east coast city and play another game about eighteen hours after the previous game ended, I hope the team that has to fly stands up and beats the shit out of the league office. Yes, the whole thing.

Not using that as an excuse. Just sayin'. That's some bullshit.

Also, for you Kansas City Chiefs fans . . . #PaperLions.

But you'd rather have links instead of me being an ass about hockey schedules and football. And hey, I'd rather give you links. Though I don't have many for you.


  • Alexander Ovechkin is . . . uhh, kinda good and stuff. Two goals and his line dictated play in last night's 4-1 Capitals win over the Blues, who were jet-lagged as all shit. Your recap from FakeGreatHumanoid. [SLGT]
  • Before that, we had an abbreviated Prospects Sunday. Hopefully Brian's folks are okay. [SLGT; SLGT]


  • Scores. Yeah, the Blues weren't the only ones that played yesterday, but they were the only ones that played a road game 22 hours after starting a home game. []
  • Three games tonight. All are . . . meh . . . to me, anyway. Maybe Anaheim/Pittsburgh. []
  • JR at III Communication needs your help. NOMINATE BLUES PLAYERS. FOR AMERICA. [III Communication]
  • Ryan Lambert makes lots of sense of Darcy Regier being fired, but none of Ron Rolston being fired, in his Trending Topics piece from last Friday. (When in all reality, Rolston probably had to go too, since he was not going to be part of the solution.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Meanwhile . . . solutions for the Sabres? Harrison Mooney doesn't really have any either. [Puck Daddy]


  • I know we have a few readers in north central Illinois. Hopefully you all are safe this morning. Not everyone was lucky, though. Bad, bad shit, especially in the Peoria "suburb" of Washington. [Huffington Post]
  • Meanwhile, further south . . . MY STAUNTON BULLDOGS. They're playing in the IHSA Class 2A football semifinals. Proud of them. [Alton Telegraph]
  • The Family Tree of Bourbon Whiskey. [GQ]
  • A follow-up on a story I had on links last week . . . the NCAA was shamed into overturning their decision on BYU runner Jared Ward. Of course, it already fucked up most of his season. The NCAA blows fucking goats. [Deadspin]


Wanna know how to master archery? Fuck gym class. Do it now.


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