Blues At Sabres Morning Open Thread: Buffasluggish Start For Sabres

This was one of two photos that included at least one player who was still with his team. - Rick Stewart

The Blues are visiting the Buffalo Sabres. If one team in the NHL'd like a re-do on their season thus far, I'm pretty sure that it's them.

I'm not even going to pretend to understand what is going on with the Buffalo Sabres. They have one of the worst starts in recent history at 5-16-1, good for just 11 points. They just fired their coach and general manager, and hired Pat LaFontaine as president of hockey ops because he turned down the GM job due to lack of experience. They brought back old coach Ted Nolan. They have John Scott still actively playing hockey for them.

And then you have young players probably going back to whence they came:

The days of teenagers getting the keys to the car are coming to an end. Nikita Zadorov is likely heading back to junior hockey, and Mikhail Grigorenko might be alongside him. Other youngsters, such as Johan Larsson and Rasmus Ristolainen, might be on their way to Rochester.

"We have so many young guys here, and it’s almost like going back to junior hockey in some sense," Nolan said today after practice. "Patty and I have been talking for the last three, four days about that. I didn’t realize how young they really were and the positions that they’re in and the capabilities of what they can do besides playing here."

I do love how reporter John Vogl flat out says that under former GM Darcy Regier the goal was to play the young kids, tank, and get a draft pick. I also love how he takes this quote from Nolan and makes it the title of the piece:

'You don't force-feed somebody and say we're rebuild'

There you go. Right there. That quote - that's the Sabres this year. Since 1999, the Blues are 12-2-0 against the Sabres.

The Blues laid a turd at center ice for at least a period straight Sunday night. I chalk that up to them being pooped. If they pull that tonight, there's no excuse.

Head back by later for a preview, a GDT, and a recap. While you're waiting, be sure to visit Die By The Blade and offer to buy them a beer. Will David Backes reach 700 penalty minutes tonight? Duh. Will Barret Jackman's moving into 4th all time on the games played list piss off part of the fanbase? Duh. Will these be an easy two points for the Blues? They will be unless they make it harder than they need to.

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