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Blues in Boston tonight. Chowdah. Power rankings. Christmas sweaters. Hockey hugs. Fuck Ovi-Sid, says teammate. Varlamov charges? Live-tweeting a breakup. The revelation of a fake. BOBROVSKY. And more hot wings. How ya doin' on THIS game day?

This will be more of a litmus test game than the Capitals game on Sunday because not only are the Bruins good, but a full day of rest was included.

Yeah, still kinda pissed about that whole scheduling thing. Could've been avoided, y'know.

Anyway, on to links.


  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode 18 went to air yesterday. We talked about last week's games (including stealing the Avalanche(s)' lunch money) and burning down Chicago and Atlanta, among other things. Oh, and if you want to help us produce the show, drop us a line! [SLGT]


  • Up there in extreme coolness with the crews from Pension Plan Puppets, Nucks Misconduct and Fear The Fin are our pals at Stanley Cup of Chowder. It's managed by my friend Sarah Connors (who, by the way, will be our guest on Beyond Checkerdome Episode 19) and always has great content on the Bruins. Swing by and say hello. You'll be glad you did. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]


  • Four games last night. Caps get steamrolled by the Penguins, the Wild(s) take down the Senators and the Blue Jackets and Devils get overtime victories over the Flames and Ducks, respectively for a road team sweep. []
  • Ten contests tonight. I hear one of them is in Boston. []
  • Ryan Lambert takes shots at those who doubt Team USA in Sochi and Sam Carchidi, among covering other topics, in his weekly Power Rankings piece. [Puck Daddy]
  • Well, they DO call 'em sweaters . . . the ECHL's Reading Royals are going to wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters for their home contest December 14th against the Elmira Jackals. And they are awesome. [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • Hockey hugs? Hockey hugs. This year, you probably won't see much of the Blues on this feature. Oh well. [Puck Daddy]
  • Until this news came out, I honestly didn't know Rostislav Olesz was still in the NHL. Well he's not anymore, because the Devils put him on unconditional waivers so he can play in Switzerland. [Fire N Ice]
  • Among those that don't give a rat's ass about the rivalry between Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby? Ovechkin's teammate, Brooks Laich. And . . . oh, probably about 90 percent of the league's fans, myself included. (But fuck it . . . #TeamOvi) [Washington Post]
  • The domestic abuse case involving Avs goalie Semyon Varlamov in is now in the hands of Denver's District Attorney, who has until December 2nd to decide whether or not to file charges. [Denver Post]


  • A dude live-tweets the details of a couple breaking up on the rooftop of his Brooklyn apartment building. Happens to be a comedian/writer. (S/T to Ashley, aka UnfakeHorrendousComputer) [BuzzFeed]
  • Apparently you can make up fake call letters, put up a broker's profile picture and tweet baseball rumors and be respected by your peers. Until, that is, you get caught. Which this guy did. The "life" and "death" of John Allen. Interesting that they bring up Hockeyy Insiderr in this profile, since it's not even close to that. [Deadspin]
  • In a follow-up from a story from an earlier links post . . . a Nebraska man was reunited with a motorcycle he reported stolen IN 1967 yesterday. That is awesome. [Y! / AP]


First . . . I'm now a regular listener of the Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast. On Tuesday, their guest was Jay Onrait, perhaps most famous for being half of the great TSN SportsCentre crew (with Dan O'Toole). The pair recently moved to Los Angeles to become the lead sports anchors at Fox Sports 1, and you've probably seen them during hockey game intermissions. Onrait has gotten recent notoriety for screaming "BOBROVSKY" at the top of his lungs. Here's a bit over two minutes' worth:


And I couldn't get out of here without posting this great video with Jaden Schwartz, Roman Polak and Vladimir Sobotka eating wings at the world-famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, with Darren Pang alongside. (S/T to Fred Murtz for getting this on YouTube for the masses):


J-Mill has some traveling he'll be doing this weekend. I'll return Saturday and MAYBE Sunday (we'll see what happens), but tomorrow he's got your fix. SEND HIM LINKS AND BECOME REGIONALLY FAMOUS:

You will get a game day story stream with lots of awesome information later. AND YOU WILL LIKE IT, GODDAMNIT.


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