Recap: Blues Win in Colorado, 4-1

Sorry Varly I needed my 20th tonight. - Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the St. Louis Blues faced the crazy Patrick Roy lead Colorado Avalanche, in the epic rematch of the early season. They Outplayed the Aves to take the W for the night with a 4-1 win. Tis Blind Robotic Recap time Blues fans!

We wins! The Avs Lose… Patrick Roy goes Crazy. Life is good. Tonight is another special Blind RealBadRobot recap as college basketball took over my screen once more… really need to bitch at Time Warner about Falsely advertising Fox Sports MIDWEST when it is actually Fox Sports Kansas City… just a little tid bit of info that might be helpful. Any who, the sultry voices of Chris Kerber and Kelly Chase gave me a expertly crafted verbal description of the ice hockey contest this evening.

The first period the Blues came out swinging against the Colorado Avalanche. Everyone seemed to either have oxygen tanks strapped to their backs or rockets strategically hidden in their skates because they sounded mother fucking FAST out of the gate. Which is rare in Colorado because of that whole, lack of oxygen thing. The Blues would strike first while I was making the most amazing Mashed potatoes and chicken breast in the history of my cooking. At 2:46 the SOB line would set up a pretty nifty tic tac toe tip in 5 hole goal on Semyon Varlamov. Alexander Steen would pass it up ice to David Backes who would get it to T.J. Oshie at the blue line. Oshie would carry it in as Backes crashed the net effectively scaring the shit out of Varlamov allowing Backes to tip the puck in.

Three minutes would pass and the Blues would find themselves on a power play at 5:34 when Colorado’s Jan Hejda would take a tripping minor against Oshie. Steener would make them pay for the penalty minutes. At 6:10 Steen would be fed the puck from Backes after a faked one timer by Derek Roy. Steen would feather the damn puck past the Ave’s netminder to make the score 2-0. The Goal is mesmerizing to watch and just looked so easily… Varlamov’s innocences must be wearing thin. Its also interesting to note that the Blues had outshot the Aves 9-1 at this point, causing coach Patrick Roy to use his timeout to try and reel in his team.

The Aves would get a golden opportunity to cut the Blues lead in half. At 8:24 Patrick Bordeleau would take advantage of a Maxim Lapierre puck bauble and sneak the puck past Jaroslav Halak. Bring it on Lappy Lovers. But don't worry too much Lappy Jaden Schwartz would avenge you!

After taking 2 penalties late in the period the blue and yellow would be forced onto the penalty kill. Ian Cole would sit in the box after a Holding minor against Matt Duchene at 17:21. At 18:12, Schwartzy would carry the puck all the way down the ice and put a wrister past Varlamov to score his first short handed goal of the year.

The second would see the Blues sit back and seemingly take their foot off of the gas to catch their breath a bit. Which is dangerous to do during any game, especially against one of the league's top teams. But the period would prove to be uneventful scoring wise, for either team. The Blues would take their 3-1 lead all the way into the Third period.

In the third the boys in blue would rev the engines back up and basically curb stomp the aves on their way to another W. But not without a dramatic conclusion as P. Roy would pull Varlamov with the last two minutes of regulation play left. Allowing Chris Stewart to carry the puck down the ice and put it in its soft and comfy home located at the back of the Colorado Net. The game would end with the Blues getting the solid win, 4-1.

Games Three Stars

Third: The Royal Crowned Prince William

Second: Mr. Steeny

First: Inglorious Captain Backes


Me and CCR are still unsure of this because we were trying to figure it out in the GDT but according the the Interwebs it stands at 16 tonight after getting 2 pts on the board. Well Done Darek!

What the Fuck!? Play of the Game

Jaden Schwartz’s putting hand on puck call in the third period. Watch for many many bombs of the letter F by the Hitch of Cock. (S/T to Fred Murtz for the video!)

Bluenotes From Twitter

Tweet of the Night


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