Recap: Blues Fall in OT to Ottawa

Why you in ze net Bobby? - Bruce Bennett

The Blues continued their quick two game road trip tonight in Ottawa. Unfortunately, the Blues fell behind and couldn't quite get their hands on a full 2 points, Falling 4-3 in OT.

The game started off quick as the SenatorsZack Smith clipped Steen in the head putting the Blues on a Power Play only 24 seconds into the game. the PP almost paid off with a shot by David Backes bouncing off the goal post, robbing them of the early lead. Steen was spotted heading back to the locker room with the trainers after the hit. The Senators quickly took control, and sent a barrage of shots testing Elliott’s reflexes, managing to stick one past him into the top corner, taking the lead at 3:57.

A hard hit from Backes at 4:31 lead Zack Smith to retaliate, getting himself back into the penalty box for a second Blues Power Play, and again, despite some great chances, Robin Lehner shut the Blues down keeping the lead. It was the Blue’s turn for a minor as Brenden Morrow took a hooking call right as Steen made it back onto the ice. It seemed to be shaping up to be a game of Power Plays and Penalty Kills. On a rush towards goal, Senators Bobby Ryan tripped up Jay Bouwmeester bringing a group of players down right in front of Elliott managing to get away penalty free. Hilariously Derek Roy’s Stick somehow managed to get stuck in the boards and  to trip up one of the senators.

The first period ended with Ottawa holding the upper hand, having the slight edge over the Blues for the first 20.

The second period the Blues come out of the gate ready to play. They kept the pressure up on the Senators and held control for the first three and a half minutes, unfortunately this led to the Blues losing steam. As the Senators kept the pressure up and it seemed as if the Left hand goal post was Ottawa’s greatest enemy as a shot bounces off the crossbar and later off the the post itself. Around 10:30 Roy’s mad dash to defensive glory and the Wall that is Elliot prevented a combo of shots and rebounds. At 3:10 Chris "God Damn" Stewart capitalized on a breakaway chance, taking advantage of a Senators defensive breakdown.

The Blues con tuned to be chippy and pushed for a game leading goal. Around this time Captian David Backes left the ice with an apparent concussion.

With 11.5 seconds left in the period CGDS Hit it again with another assist from Roy. For those counting at home that was +2 for #RoyWatch!

At the start of the third period emergency puppies were called in as Backes would not return. According to Paul McCloud, Steener was a little gaffer when he was a kid, I am not quite sure what this means but I can’t help but think that this means Steener was a tiny electrician on Film Sets. Steener would move to center with Backes out. The fire and tenacity grew as Chris Niel took on Sir Barrett Jackmen. Niel hands down won the fight but decided to take a cheep shot at Jaxx and got one last punch in after the linesmen came in to break up the fight. It was a dick move by one of the leagues biggest dicks. The Blues would not take likely to this resulting in the refs stepping in to grain control over the game and send Stewie and Clarke MacArthur to the box for roughing at the face-off after the scrap. Things started to escalate as the hits just kept on coming as the Sens tied the game up, 2-2 at 5:44. Unfortunately the Blues were unable to get the lead back and the game would head to extra minutes.

The Sens and Blues would head to overtime with a fire under their asses. Shit just got all kinds of more shades of weird. Roy would go off the ice for a tripping minor and would be visibly pissed. After a quick save, Ray Burelli would come out to check on Ells seemingly eluding to yet another injured blue. Moments later the Sens would utilize an effective screen to win the game.

Games Three Stars

Third: Cody Ceci

Second: Chris Stewart

First: Bobby Ryan


+2 assists on Stewie’s Goals. 22 Total!

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