Thursday Links - Quebecois Invasion

Phat stax uh cash, yo. - Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Blues host Habs tonight. The Schnoz gets a raise. Beyond Checkerdome. Tom Stillman, interviewed. Hockey year in review. Engelland suspended. Sydney Opera House in Legos. And Barry Hinson is crazy. I'm taking a week off after this.

Good thing it's a home game against a Leastern Conference opponent tonight, I suppose.



  • For everything on Les Habitants (especially regarding their numbers and such), check out Eyes on the Prize. Andrew Berkshire and crew do a great job. [Eyes on the Prize]


  • Two games yesterday, both of which had final scores. [ 12/18/13]
  • Tonight's game in St. Louis is one of eleven matchups the NHL will have on the slate this evening. [ 12/19/13]
  • Sports on Earth's NHL 2013 in review . . . seems to lean heavily on the topic of fighting. Because, well, that's the point of these things . . . to review what was discussed. [Sports on Earth]
  • Deryk Engelland's punishment for trying to turn Justin Abdelkader's head into a smashed pumpkin? Five games. Seems fair. []
  • Down Goes Brown has the transcripts from Brian Burke's interviews for the Calgary Flames GM opening. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Steve Simmons wants us to make a stand against fighting in the National Hockey League, probably because George Parros got concussed again. I have two words . . . *FART NOISE* (I honestly didn't read this.) [Toronto (Winnipeg) Sun]
  • Kings coach Darryl Sutter thinks the league should eliminate the penalty box. A dumb fucking idea, but he really thinks he's on to something here. HOW THE FUCK DID THIS GUY WIN A STANLEY GODDAMN CUP AS A FUCKING COACH? JESUS H. SHIT. GODDAMNIT. [LA Kings Insider]
  • Dumb Christmas videos, bad signings and suspensions are Ryan Lambert's topics for his Power Rankings this week. [Puck Daddy]


  • Go Illini! Beat Mizzou! [The Champaign Room]
  • Really, most of you are going to stop reading this after you see "Florida Man". I don't blame you. This motherfucker is crazy. [Y! / The Sideshow]
  • The Sydney Opera House, in just short of 3,000 Legos. Fucking. Awesome. [Gizmodo]


Southern Illinois University-Carbondale coach Barry Hinson is adamant that his wife could play better than his own basketball team . . . most of the roster of which he did not recruit. (S/T to J-Mill, proud SIU-C alum):

Now that's some epic shit right there.

So thanks to travel arrangements to Canada, I am taking a full week away from the links. But fear not! J-Mill has you covered! Send him some links and videos and stuff:

And don't forget to stop by for news, insight and analysis about tonight's tilt at the DrinkScotch. And if you're going to the game, be sure to buy a Game Time . . . and damnit, tip your vendor, please.


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