Recap: Blues Crush David Perron’s New Team, 6-0

Best Petro Reaction Shot... EVER! - Derek Leung

Tonight the St. Louis Blues played one hell of a hockey game. They were lead by the surging RSM Line to a 6-0 win over the Edmonton Oilers.

The St. Louis Blues took a step back in their resurgence in the first 20 minutes of their games. Tonight they came out against the Oilers looking slightly sluggish and cranky. It was like watching a bunch of 5 year old who missed nap time and didn’t want to be there. Early on in the period the Oilers held their own against the Blues. They got quite a few chances on net after defensive breakdowns, giveaways and penalties. Brian Elliott hands down kept the St. Louis Blues in the period while standing on his head and possibly doing pushups on his pinkies in the creese, that is still yet to be confirmed. His Bad ass goalie level was raised immensely in the first period tonight. Elliott really showed his own and allows the team to have confidence in their #1 Goaltender as well as their backup even if they are in games against teams that the should win against. Ells wasn’t the only one who was able to come up big for the blue and yellow in the first 20 minutes of the game. Chris Stewart has really taken a shine to having his "God Damn" status back. After a few defensive break downs from his line at the start of the game Stewie and Co were able to comeback and make sure all of Elliott’s hard work wasn’t going to waste and give him a pretty nice thank you. At 11:57 Jaden Schwartz (Who I feel needs a "Motherfucking" in between his name), would get a lucky chance after trip by Patrik Berglund went unnoticed by the referee. Schwartzy would get the puck to Stewie, who would rip a snap shot past WhyYouHaffToBeMad Ilya Bryzgalov, putting the Blues on top, 1-0.

The Blues would come out with a better style of play for the second period. The team finally found their composure and sync during the intermission, either that or Ken Hitchcock was very red in the face and scared it back into them. They were more disciplined and kept things simple and defensive minded. It paid off at 5:50. The red hot Brenden Morrow, Stewart, and Derek Roy line would strike again. They would execute a beautiful tic tak toe play would result in a rebound and Morrow hitting the back of the net with a well timed backhand effort. Putting the team up 2-0.

The third period would be all St. Louis Blues. They owned the play and Elliott continued to stand on his head. The Blues did not take their collective feet off of the gas peddle. Unfortunately, Alexander Steen was no where to be seen and it is unclear why he did not come out for the third period. The firestorm upon the poor defenseless oilers and their goalie from the "universe" would come quickly and it would come fast.

The first would be Chris God Damn Stewart’s second of the game. At 1:46 Begie would make a spectacular play behind the net to get the puck to Stewie who would snipe the living shit out of poor defenseless Bryz.

Not even a minute later Jaden Motherfucking Schwartz would BURY a slapper in the back of the net at 2:38. The force was strong with the crowned prince and came in the form of young TJ Oshie.

Patrik Berglund showed up for this game and would round out the night with the Blues’ sixth and final goal of the night. Handcuffing Bryz with snap shot from the face off circle to Ilya’s right.

The Blues would end the game with composure and dignity as the Oilers continued to try and start a few dances with the Blues and their captain. Which didn’t end well for them. David Perron was a non factor like I expected and ended up proving his worth by taking his standard dumb penalty late in the third to give the Blues and extra advantage. All and all it was a hard fought game. Updates on Steen will be monitored and posted as soon as they are available. Hopefully it was just a sudden case of the flu and not an injury like Bernie said in the post game report. That’s it for me, celebrate tonight Blues fans! I will see you Monday night after the Blues take on the Calgary Flames!

Three Stars of the Game

Brian Elliott

Jaden Schwartz

Chris Stewart

Bluenotes From Twitter

Tweet of the Night

Not Hockey Related:

Tonight I want to dedicate the recap to my boyfriend’s cat, who recently passed away at the old age of 16. He went down fighting… trying to take the hands of myself and the vet with him as he was given a sedative. He was in so much pain due to cancer. Sleep well Snowflake at least now you can spend all the time in the world in your comfy cardboard box. Love you!

On a Personal Note:

Just want to point out that I am a woman and I talk sports and don’t make sandwiches in the kitchen for anyone but my boyfriend, Hell he makes me food more often they I make food for him! I know my shit. If I didn’t Hildy wouldn’t allow me to write here. What was said on twitter during the third period towards sports fan who happen to have a uterus,  about not wanting to hear women’s opinions about hockey is not only insulting and sexist towards myself and every other female Sports blogger, journalist, and hockey player out there, but a disgrace to humanity as a whole. Women and Men should have respect for one another. If you can’t give respect women sports fans then you have no respect for the sport as a whole. Women are just as capable of analysis of any sport as men. So…  get off your mysoginistic high horse and go fuck you flesh light because you are not worthy of the female touch as you have no respect for them. /EndHighHorseRant

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