Monday Links - Retaining The Conference III Belt


Blues beat Dallas. Blues own Conference III. GIF. Prospect Sunday. #USABestHockey. Blue Jackets player undresses Pens defenseman. SHARK. Football sadness. And the same Goddamn song over and over and over and over again. Grab an extra cup of coffee.

Oh hi. Are you a team in the Central Division? Are you the Blues? No? Well, then you don't own the Central Division. Sorry.

Light on the links today, but not quite an Open Bar. Here we go.


  • Another gutsy effort and a well-placed Kevin Shattenkirk shot gets the Blues a 3-2 overtime victory over the Dallas Stars, not too long after an emotional win over the Blackhawks the previous night. They did it . . . without David Backes and Alexander Steen. The Blues are now 12-0-1 (!!!!!!) against the Central. That is fucking insane. Your thoughts, AuthenticHorrendousMechanism? [SLGT]
  • This was Brenden Morrow's first game in Dallas as an opponent. They did a nice tribute video for their former Captain. Classy stuff. [Stars]
  • Fred Murtz posted an awesome GIF of Dmitrij Jaskin's joyous goal celebration from Saturday in the GDT for Saturday's game, and I feel it didn't get enough attention. So here you go again. [Nevosi]
  • A truncated Prospect Sunday from B-Dubs yesterday with the game and the light holiday week schedule. He takes a look at the week that was, plus who's trending up. [SLGT; SLGT]
  • If you weren't aware, the Blues played for the Conference III Belt against Chicago and again last night in Dallas. So yeah, we retained the belt, fools. Owning the Central helps. [III Communication]
  • CrossCheckRaise and I recorded Beyond Checkerdome Episode 24 before last night's game. We had a guest. And we had a blast. Should be up Wednesday.


  • Scores. Only one matters to you, but all matter to . . . people. [ 12/29/13]
  • Four games tonight. I may actually root for the Kings, but really . . . Jesus. [ 12/30/13]
  • Sweden destroys Norway 10-0 [IIHF] . . . and America gon' America, destroying Germany 8-0 [IIHF]. Four games today. None of them involve the USA, which is a shame because #USABestHockey.
  • The Penguins won 5-3 and James Neal, instead of kneeing a guy in the head, got a hat trick and assists on the other two goals . . . but holy shit, did Blue Jackets forward Corey Tropp score a damn beauty. [Puck Daddy]


  • "Oh, this is a great opportunity to take a picture of the kids swimming in the ocean!" *SNAPS PICTURE* *LOOKS* "HOLY FUCKBALLS, A SHARK!" [Y! / The Sideshow]
  • One sad Bears fan among a team of Cheeseheads. This is Wisconsin football. [Deadspin]


Those of you that know me know that I'm staunchly against the scourge that is modern mainstream country music. This video did a very good job of pretty much encapsulating everything I hate about it by reviewing the top country hits of 2013, which . . . judging by this video . . . all pretty much sucked, not surprisingly. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise):

If nothing tells a story quite like a country song, the stories are getting mighty repetitive.

Hey you! You got links? Wanna get credit for 'em? Send 'em my way!

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