Friday Links: Bergie Fall Down; Go Boom!

They haven't uploaded last night's photos yet I guess, but this Bergie Fall is pretty great too! - Dilip Vishwanat

I'd preview other things in today's links, but really that's all you need to know!

The Islanders are the kind of team that we should be beating by 4 goals, but it's still nice to get back on track.

In honor of our three power play goals last night, you should click each link today 3 times! (...or don't, I'm not your boss.)


  • The Blues valiantly defeated the New York John Tavareses Islanders last night by the score of 5-1. Need to know how it went down? Check out the recap by Ashley, aka Spanishfor"royal"IncompetentSlave. [SLGT]
  • Our pal Dominik gives you the Isles' perspective: [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA PATRIK BERGLUND!!! I know Hildy made a SLGT post on it, but I feel it's most effective in Vine format! I laugh literally every time I watch it, and always at a different point! If you click only one link today, make it this one - especially if you missed last night's game! [Twitter: @RegD7]
  • Are you going to a party this season with an Ugly Sweater/Blues T-Shirt theme? If so, then a) you have strange friends, and I want to hang out with you guys, & b) here's your answer: a Blues-themed ugly Christmas sweater T-shirt! [Frozen Notes]


  • Lot of games last night, including the Hawks blowing a 3rd period lead in Minnesota, the Canadiens making our friend Sarah Conners upset by beating the Bruins, and the Avalanche showing just how far a team can regress by losing to the Oilers EIGHT to two. Check the other scores too. [ 12/5]
  • Today there's a pretty light schedule for a Friday with only 6 games. And tonight, we are all Anaheim Ducks as Ryan Getzlaf leads the quack attack into the United Center. Also, five other games that no one gives a fuck about. [ 12/6]
  • Also making Sarah sad was Max Pacioretty throwing Johnny Boychuk recklessly into the boards, bringing out the stretchers to take him off. Always an ugly scene. [Days of Y'Orr]
  • Before yesterday's Penguins-Sharks match up, Dan Bylsma called San Jose the "best team in the league," being sure to give "all due respect to Chicago." A week ago, I might have joined other Blues fans in stupidly taking offense to this obvious and intentional slight, but this week I'd say it's largely pretty accurate. Either way, Pittsburgh won easily 5-1 in Sidney Crosby's 500th career NHL game. [Pensburgh]
  • Not only did the Oilers beat Colorado 8-2 last night, but Taylor Hall notched himself a hat trick, causing his home fans to throw out their hats in support, along with one young lady providing...other means of "support." (Probably safe for work...unless you work in Amish country, I guess. In which case, how are you getting reception?) [Puck Daddy]
  • The entire Avalanche team was obviously embarrassed on the ice last night in Edmonton, but Avs defenseman and Albertan native Nick Holden was also embarrassed in the crowd too, as his cousin and former bath-time partner decided to show up and make her presence and bathing history known. [Puck Daddy]
  • Who are the five most hated players in the NHL? No real surprises on this list, but read it any way just to remind yourself how much you hate Dustin Brown and His Amazing Flying Elbows. Use that hate. It focuses you. Makes you stronger. Let it flow through your veins like the very blood which it boils. [Pegasus News]
  • It's December, and in hockey that only means one thing: the World Juniors are just a few weeks away! The defending champions and people-who-are-much-better-than-the-Canadians-just-as-overall-human-beings-and-also-hockey-players Team USA announced the preliminary roster this week. It hurts to miss the top level talent of the still-eligible Seth Jones, Alex Galchenyuk, and Jacob Trouba, but of course Gold is still ours until The Great Canadian Conspiracy takes hold. Here's a look at the names to root for in Sweden this year, along with some analysis on the possible squad. [United States of Hockey]


  • Speaking of American dominance on a global scale, the entire soccer world will be fixed on Brazil this morning as the World Cup draw will take place to decide the group stage match ups for next summer's event. I understand that pulling pieces of paper out of a bowl doesn't sound too exciting, but it can make all the difference in the world, especially for a team like the US, who could be a few pieces of paper away from losing three straight to Brazil, the Netherlands, and Italy and coming home - or a few pieces of paper away from Switzerland, Algeria, and Greece and possibly a run to the elimination round and beyond. The draw will be shown on ESPN2 at 10:30 am CST, and here's what you need to know before hand. [Stars and Stripes FC]
  • One of the greatest men the world has ever known, Nelson Mandela, died yesterday at the age of 95. I obviously never met him, but I still have a story about him (if you didn't see it on Twitter or Facebook): when I was at Southern Illinois my freshman year, our theatre department had the great pleasure of bringing in Nigerian playwright/Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka (who also spent time as a political prisoner, BTW) as a guest artist. While he was there, he gave a symposium, during which he mentioned his friendship with Mandela. One thing he mentioned was how Mandela's favorite TV show was - I kid you not - the South African version of Big Brother! Soyinka said, "I told him, 'Nelson, I love you, and I would support a unified African government with you as our President...but I would never vote for you as Ambassador of Culture!'" Obviously, Mandela did so many great things for South Africa and the world, but it always sticks with you when you learn these little, human things about these almost super human figures. The world is a sadder place today. [CNN]
  • Is your piss the right color? ("...and the 2013 award for 'Most Abrupt Change of Tone' goes to...) [Popular Science]
  • Think of the one movie that no one in history has ever not loved. Now forget about Ghostbusters and think of the next closest one. You're probably thinking of The Princess Bride, right? Well apparently some people disliked it so much, they just had to get their thoughts out in the form of a 1-Star Amazon review. I've always of the mind that everyone is NOT entitled to their own opinion, you're only entitled to opinions that you can intelligently defend to scrutiny. These fucking idiots are my Exhibit A in that argument. Sticktap to Ashley, aka theREALworldBADsantaROBOTchicken. [Observation Deck]
  • Remember how Deadspin bought a Baseball Hall of Fame ballot to let The People vote? Well, here you go: you have until December 29th to perform you democratic duty! Too bad this isn't the ballot to get Ted Simmons into the Hall of Fame. [Deadspin]


Benedict Cumberbatch has the voice of Zeus - if Zeus were British. No offense to Morgan Freeman, but if I want someone to read something ridiculous, such as R. Kelly lyrics, I'll take Mr. Cumberbatch. Be wary, ladies, listening to this might get you automatically pregnant. Perhaps NSFW.

I have no religious affiliation, but let's just face it - even Jesus-y Christmas songs are just plain great. Especially when they're being covered by the most celebrated Canadian alt-rock band of the mid-90s!

Don't play dumb with me, I know you've got links. I hope you brought enough for the whole class! Find out by sending them to me!

Don't forget to be awesome!

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