Because I Really Need to Rant

In the words of my college coach (XC and Track, so no, I have no expertise that would qualify me to write this) [Blues], GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!

In a Four game home stand ya'll just earned one, massive, SINGLE POINT.

Seriously, the puck will not come to you. It isn't one of the Backes' dogs which I'm sure come running happily when called. "Here Pucky Puck, come here Boy," isn't gonna cut it. Dump and Chase requires one to dump and CHASE!

Guess what happens when you skate hard for a full game? You win battles for loose pucks, you get position on guys and draw penalties, referees tend to give you the benefit of the doubt/make mistakes in your favor (they read the game better than most people, even if they are blind). Pucks start to bounce in your favor, goalies make saves they shouldn't .

Guess what happens to that pass coming from the stationary defenseman to the stationary forward in the neutral zone? One of them becomes a candidate for a highlight including Raffi Torres, or it gets picked off, and the defensive zone imitation of a Chinese Fire Drill starts all over.

Hitchcock, what happened to the disciplined defense you put together in like three practices last year?

Backes, where's the leadership holding everyone accountable?

Where's the backcheck that keeps shots against down below 20?

Where's the forecheck?

I know its not the fans or the Scottrade Center. At the game against Detroit last week they were ready to explode. All ya'll had to do was make a few good plays. Ya'll could've had the place going insane with a good forecheck. A couple good shots and the Red Wings wouldn't have been able to hear themselves think. Hell the place erupted after one great shift in the first period.

I live in STL, but refuse to pay for cable, so I'm forced to watch out of market games on GameCenter Live. I'm watching the Avalanche. A team that SUCKS. Right now, they'd kick ya'll's asses. They're backchekcing, forechecking, skating for loose pucks. I forgot what it looks like last week. Its beautiful, its why I love hockey. I'd rather watch the devils play the trap and win 1-0 for a full year than what ya'll are putting together.

Wheels aren't off the wagon yet, but if ya'll aren't gonna start working hard, please let me know so I can adjust my expectations. I'll still root for the Blues, but I need time to audition a team to root for in the playoffs. Avalanche are doing a good job right now, and I've always had a soft spot for the Deep South Hockey teams too. Carolina looks good, even if I hate that god awful goal horn they have.

Thanks to all my fellow Gametimers for putting up with this exercise in Catharsis and overreaction. This post lacks the use of our favorite word, so please feel free to add it in your own personal exercise of catharsis.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, frosty adult beverages, or puppies.

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