Coyotes at Blues Recap: Blues take the W in 2-1 SO

OEL is apparently Only Eager to Lose (teeth) - Dilip Vishwanat

I feel a pattern brewing at home. Must we always go to the gimmick boys?

[ Those 2 Points Were Needed Real Bad; Therefore, Recap is by Real Bad Robot]

The game was quite a big ball of emotion, punches were thrown and insults were tossed across lines. It was surprising no puddles of blood were mopped up tonight. Although I missed the first because my boss will not accept "But the Blues game is Onnnnn" as a proper excuse to go home, in the second Brian Elliot stood out again and just seemed ridiculously strong and was a force to be reckoned with. The Defense has kept us in just about every game, except for maybe Chicago… but I digress. Our defense has been spectacular and even getting us some goals as well as keeping the puck out of our end.

As it has been the majority of this year the offence has acted like putting the puck in the back of the net is a rubix cube of confusion and wonder that no one can seem to solve. Although we got the win one goal just isn’t enough. 2 points should have been ours tonight, easy. The mentality of the offence just pisses me off. It is this weird "One and Done" mentality, as soon as we get one goal in a 1-0 game they fall back and ease up to much. They should be fighting for an insurance goal but just aren’t. I just want you to know boys we the fans don’t want you to hit it and quit it. We want that second goal.

Outside of the defense one of the biggest silver linings in tonight’s game was that it was all around chippy and you saw some passion leaking through with the sweat from many of the Blues players. It again felt like playoff hockey, even if there were some substantial mistakes made.

David Backes is going to lead this team into the playoffs kicking and screaming with the intensity he has been playing and leading with the last few games. More of that passion would be nice from everyone. David Perron did score for us tonight with assists coming from Backes and Pietrangelo. It was a sweet tip in that ended up being reviewed and standing.

But let’s talk about the hit from behind on Alex Pietrangelo. At just about the one minute mark of the game Petro was hit from behind by what should have been a penalty and was basically ignored by the refs to give the Yotes a power play goal. In my opinion and in all my years of watching hockey those hits have no place in the league. They are dangerous. In the end the players were not happy, fans were not happy and more importantly Hitchcock wasn’t happy, telling the media: "I was not happy with the play and I wasn’t happy with the game in general. We got away with 2 points we shouldn’t have tonight"

[Update: per Twitter:

Interesting ... -CCR]

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