The Blues have just FIVE picks in the 2013 Draft

Is this a concern to anyone else?

After trading their first-rounder to Calgary for Jay Bouwmeester, and their second- and fifth-rounders to Buffalo for Jordan Leopold, the Blues have become a much better team in the here and now... but at what cost to their future?

As of now, the Blues' first selection in the upcoming draft is at 49th overall. The last significant player selected at 49th overall was Shea Weber by Nashville in 2003. The last time the Blues had a selection at 49th overall, they spent it on Carl Soderberg, who refused to come over and pay his dues in the AHL, and has only just recently decided to report to Boston, six years after being traded there for Hannu "Ears" Toivonen.

Here is the list of players selected at 49th overall in the drafts from 2012 back to 2003; except for Weber, nothing even approaching a household name anywhere in the bunch:

2012-49, DET, Martin Frk, RW, CZE, 6' 0, 193, QMJHL, Halifax

2011-49, LAK, Christopher Gibson, G, FIN, 6' 1, 191, QMJHL, Chicoutimi

2010-49, COL, Calvin Pickard, G, CAN, 6' 1, 195, WHL, Seattle

2009-49, COL, Stefan Elliott, D, CAN, 6' 1, 180, WHL, Saskatoon

2008-49, PHX, Jared Staal, RW, CAN, 6' 4, 210, OHL, Sudbury

2007-49, COL, Trevor Cann, G, CAN, 5' 11, 199, OHL, Peterborough

2006-49, MTL, Ben Maxwell, C, CAN, 6' 1, 195, WHL, Kootenay

2005-49, ATL, Chad Denny, D, CAN, 6' 3, 210, QMJHL, Lewiston

2004-49, STL, Carl Soderberg, F, SWE, 6' 3, 198, SWE, Malmo

2003-49, NSH, Shea Weber, D, CAN, 6' 4, 234, WHL, Kelowna

Barring a pre-draft or draft day trade for any additional picks, the Blues will have selections in the second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh rounds of this draft... and low picks at that, about the 20th position or so in each round.

The 2009 Draft was the low-water mark for the Blues in the last decade, with just six picks. The first-rounder that year was turned into Vladimir Tarasenko, and four of the remaining five picks played in the AHL this season, with varying degrees of success.

Two of the Blues' four AHL'ers from the 2009 Draft -- defenseman Brett Ponich and winger Tyler Shattock -- also toiled in the ECHL this season. Ponich is still there, skating for Alaska in the playoffs.

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