Wednesday Links - Art Holliday Had Hair Once

Hey, Corey, it's behind you. - Jeff Gross

The Kings make it a series, visors will soon be mandatory equipment in the NHL and a drunk Vince Coleman talks to Art Holliday at a time both had hair. Those were the days.

And remember, if you disagree with the NHL Competition Committee, some of the people you're disagreeing with are David Poile, Ken Holland and Steve Yzerman . . . but also, David Backes and Alex Pietrangelo. It's a two-edged sword.


  • Remember that wicked awesome save by Jake Allen against the Flames? It's in the semifinals in TSN's Play Of The Year vote. Don't let Alexander Semin win. Even though . . . huh huh . . . Semin. [SLGT]
  • The aforementioned NHL Competition Committee recommended grandfathering in a mandatory visor rule, shortening the depth of the nets and testing out hybrid icing, among other things.. The NHL BoG and the NHLPA still must approve the changes, but that seems a formality. [Puck Daddy]
  • We've heard this one, haven't we? Yep . . . the Kings can't lose at home. Fuck LA and Fuck Chicago. Oh, and Fuck Detroit. [Puck Daddy]
  • USA Today's David Leon Moore also wrote words about this contest. [USA Today]
  • Duncan Keith whacked Jeff Carter with a high stick and was REALLY REALLY SORRY ABOUT IT, JEFF CARTER, SORRY DUDE. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Carolina Hurricanes introduced new uniforms (NOTE: Eric Staal still looks creepy) . . . []
  • . . . as did the Dallas Stars. [Dallas Morning News]
  • I will eventually watch Season Three of Game Of Thrones, but apparently there was a Red Wedding in Episode Nine on Sunday, and this Twitter account has all the sordid reaction from it. (WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT WANT GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS, DO NOT CLICK THIS.) [@RedWeddingTears]
  • Bacon Doughnut Sandwich? Bacon Doughnut Sandwich. Thanks, Dunkin'. [Yahoo! News]

1987. I was 6, Vince Coleman was a Cardinal, the Cardinals were good, Mike Bush and Art Holliday (WHO HAD HAIR AT THE TIME) ran the sports department at KSDK and the Cardinals won the National League East. Hilarity ensued, featuring a drunk Coleman and a young Holliday willing to play along. And yes, the Montreal Expos were a thing that once existed. Let's relive the moments, shall we?

Vince Coleman (via J Ro)

Vince Fucking Coleman.

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