Friday Links - Maximiliano Clandestine

Both the guy shooting the puck AND the guy stopping it will be with the Blues the next two years. - USA TODAY Sports

Jake Allen is here two more years. Madison Square Garden has to move. Create your own sexting name. And Star Trek meets Firefly. Get drunk and be somebody, because it's Friday.

The above title? My sexting name. You'll find out about that later.

No, not like THAT. Just . . . read on.


  • The Blues and Jake Allen agreed to a two-year contract, with the first year a two-way deal and the second a one-way deal. [SLGT]
  • The United States Hockey Hall of Fame announced its' 2013 inductees, and it includes former Blues Doug Weight and Bill Guerin. [US Hockey Hall of Fame]


  • The Calgary Flames say the Saddledome will be ready for preseason games. Which is quite amazing, considering how recently the whole place was flooded the fuck out. [Globe & Mail]
  • Despite all the dumb shit Dave Nonis has done this offseason, the Maple Leafs gave him a five-year extension. Looks like they don't get to plan the parade for another, what, 10 years? [Maple Leafs]
  • Speaking of 10 years . . . that's how long Madison Square Garden has to move from its' current location. WhatEVER will the Rangers do? [New York Times]
  • There's a small movement to boycott Sochi 2014 because of Russian laws against LGBT's, but Patrick Burke will have none of it. [Buzzfeed]
  • What is WOWY? Well, aside from being named after an awesome U2 song, it's a fancy stat. Here's an explanation. [Habs Eyes On The Prize]
  • Anthony Weiner has been in the news a bit lately. Now, there's this about him being a rec league goalie, though not a particularly good one. [The New Yorker]


  • Speaking of Anthony Weiner . . . you can find out your sexting name HERE! As noted earlier . . . my first one was Maximiliano Clandestine. [Slate]
  • A Canadian indoor lacrosse game had a fight, it was broken up . . . but then all hell broke loose. [Deadspin]
  • Here in my current neck of the woods . . . a man got really badly injured when a bridge jumper landed on him while tubing in the river. Yes, that can happen here. [NBC Montana]
  • A few then-and-now photos of the Flood of 1993. Some of these, I recall. And Goddamn, that was 20 years ago? I. Am. OLD. [StL Today]


DanGNR has another Firefly-related video . . . this one a mash-up of the Firefly theme and scenes from the 2009 Star Trek movie.

And don't forget . . . starting later this morning, you'll get to vote on the name of the new podcast! So keep your eyes peeled for that. Voting will spill over into next week.

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