Thursday Links - Who Wants Donut-Flavored Beer?


Episode 4 of the podcast went up yesterday. Six questions surrounding the Blues. The Preds have an idea that will fail miserably because it always does. The Stars will name a captain. Donut-flavored beer. And mascot frivolities. Fun shit!

In a right and just world, my father would turn 67 today. Fuck. Cancer.


  • Episode 4 of Beyond Checkerdome was posted yesterday. We're still working on podcasting and all that good shit, but this might've been our best effort yet. [SLGT]
  • Remnants from yesterday's 30 In 30 on the Blues . . . six questions surrounding the team headed into 2013-14. None of them involve Chilean miners. [Blues]


  • Some things on Roberto Luongo to start . . . first, a bunch of Canucks bloggers and such recorded a "We Are The World"-style video in tribute to him. [Puck Daddy]
  • Then . . . only one person can pump Luongo's tires right now since the wheels of his vehicle were boosted . . . [Puck Daddy]
  • . . . and as was pointed out by simpson316, one enterprising Canucks fan suggests the culprit was T.J. Oshie . . . TEEEEJ! [Twitter / @alexlovesburrs]
  • Steve Francis at the SLGT Facebook Group passes along this link about NHL records that will likely never get broken. Teemu Selanne scoring 76 goals as a rookie stands out to me in particular. []
  • The Predators have an idea to keep Blackhawks fans from buying single-game tickets. Hahaha. This is gonna fail SO fucking miserably. [Section 303]
  • The Stars are going to name a Captain prior to the regular season. (And if it is anyone with a name that is not Jamie Benn, the Dallas Stars are fucking stupid.) [Stars / Stars Inside Edge]
  • The Rangers officially added Scott Arniel, Ulf Samuelsson and Daniel Lacroix to their coaching staff. [Rangers]
  • Meanwhile, Wysh opines on Henrik Lundqvist's future in Manhattan or wherever the fuck MSG will be in a few years. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Devils deal to 76ers owner Joshua Harris could be done in a matter of days. [Fire N Ice]
  • The sweater number 52 of Adam Foote will be retired by the Avalanche on November 2nd when the Avs host the Habs. [Avalanche]
  • Chris Nilan now has a picture of himself holding his 1986 Stanley Cup rings, so he swears he didn't give one to convicted mob boss Whitey Bulger. Could've been bought from someone! [Montreal Gazette]


  • On Twitter, Nick Hand passed this along and thought of me. Rightfully so . . . MINI DONUT FLAVORED BEER!!!!! [Stillwater Patch]
  • SB Nation's Dan Bernstein has a "Dan On Fire" segment that is meant to be satire. Apparently, if you see the comments on this post, people don't know how to read. [SB Nation / Dan On Fire]


CrossCheckRaise isn't just podcasting . . . he's also passing along this week's Mental Floss video, which runs down 37 odd college mascots . . . yes, it has local flavor (SLU, StL College of Pharmacy, Webster and others), as well as local flavor for ME (U of Montana).

Too bad they didn't expound on the Billikens. That's a fucked-up story right there.

I'm off for the weekend. J-Mill's got you covered Friday thru Sunday. Send him shit:

J-Mill will also have a piece on how to hate one of our new division rivals later this morning. So stick around, will ya?

And I'll see you kind folks again on Monday. Yippie Ki-Yay, motherfucker.

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