Monday Open Bar - You Gotta Hit "Publish"

SobeSobe just wants a SIR JAXX HUG OF FUCKING AWESOME. - Harry How

Fantasy football, attention whores get engaged, Cannonfest happened and had an extra special guest, ideas dumber than "keeping Paul Holmgren employed" in Philly and the greatest Vine compilation you'll ever see. Mondays suck, but this one shouldn't.

Sorry about the lack of links yesterday. Looks like J-Mill meant to publish something but probably smashed his computer after Everton could only work a draw with the Canaries on Saturday. I can't blame him . . . Norwich City fucking blows.

Then again, my EPL squad--Newcastle United--stand to get fucking annihilated tonight at Manchester City. Whatever, our beer is better! #NoBollocks

Not much going on. Here's a few things to tide you over, while wondering if I'll get a post up tomorrow (I'm traveling):

  • CCR & I recorded last night. There was a lot of rambling. But you'll like it. I think. More on that later this week.
  • As of this posting, we need three more teams in Poor College Student's SLGT Fantasy Tackle Football league, and we were hoping to draft today. Join up, will ya? [SLGT]
  • Paulina Gretzky, the attention-whore daughter of that one guy who got traded by the Oilers just over 25 years ago (and right before she was born, to boot) got engaged to golfer Dustin Johnson. [Puck Daddy]
  • What's dumber than having Paul Holmgren as a General Manager? Getting a bunch of people together to set a world record in . . . watching . . . paint . . . dry. The Flyers are just fucking mailing it in now. [Facebook]
  • An annual gathering of Blue Jackets fans known as "Cannonfest" received a special and rather unexpected visitor . . . General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen. Good on him! (s/t to hildymac--thanks boss!) [The Cannon]
  • There's been a lot of talk about Russia's laws criminalizing homosexuality as we head toward Sochi 2014. Well, these two Russian runners apparently ain't give no fuck. [Deadspin]
  • And a video . . . a compilation of the greatest Vines of 2013 so far. Almost 12 minutes worth. And they are fucking EXCELLENT. (s/t to CrossCheckRaise, who found this via Justin Bourne.)

NO one can Vine like that.

As I said, I may not be able to link tomorrow. That means Alex Pietrangelo will probably sign. Whatever, send me shit and it'll either go up tomorrow or Wednesday:

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