Meet The New Central Division: The Minnesota Wild

Dilip Vishwanat

Some of these guys are old rivals, some are new friends, so let's take a look at the new Central Division. This is a weekly feature that will run on Tuesdays (more or less) up until the start of the pre-season.

Thank you so much to Emilie Wiener of Hockey Wilderness for being this week's participant in our introduction to the newest Central Division teams. The Q&A is significantly more entertaining than the team it's about.

1. If you had to come up with a team motto/mantra for your club, what would it be?

The Wild have used the "fight till the end" slogan, which works. Personally, I like using "the most frustrating powerplay in the world"

2. Who do you consider your most potent forwards?

Zach Parise, Jason Pominville, and Dany Heatley. Mikko Koivu is the king of assists, and the young guys like Charlie Coyle and Jason Zucker are going to be a handful for teams. It will be interesting to see how Matt Cooke fits in.

3. Which player, if you could magically make him disappear, would you vaporize? Why?

Zenon Konopka. He wins faceoffs and has a bunny, and keeps the bench in the penalty box warm. That’s about it. Great person, but would like him to not be on the team.

4. How do you feel about your team's coaching staff? What would you consider your head coach's trademark?

The fanbase is pretty split on Mike Yeo’s coaching. The more you pay attention to how he is with the team, the more confidence you have in him. He has the ear of the players and the backing of the GM and the owner. Most of the people who don’t like his coaching are the same people who expected the Wild to win the Stanley Cup last season.

5. Goaltending controversies: would you say your team has one? If not, could you make one up really quickly? St. Louis media looooves them some goalie controversy.

Well….our back-up goalie has MS. That’s the closest the Wild get to drama.

6. What are some things you think your team does well? Needs to improve upon? Would you say that the team would agree with you?

Defense is quickly becoming a strong point on the team, and the PK is very very good. But the PP is horrible, and the team needs to be more consistent. The team should agree with me on all those points.

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