Auld Link Syne - Keepin' Dat Belt

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Blues beat Wild(s). Chris Stewart's face asplode. JayBO-face. Dion Phaneuf: Paper Counter. Winter Classic. No appeal for Thornton. Awesomeness from the Lightning(s). WJC. Suck it, Indiana. And Pat Sajak gon' DRANK. Happy motherfuckin' New Year.

Gonna need coffee for that hangover there, aren't ya?

Well, get it . . . and click on some links, ya knob. Or make yourself a Bloody Mary or a Caesar or something. We don't judge.


  • The Blues were missing, like, half their team. The Wild(s) are missing, like, a few guys but wow have they sucked lately. The Blues still dominated the Wild(s), winning 2-1 but really taking it to the home team more than the score indicated. With words . . . Ashley, AKA "ActualAtrociousAnimatron". [SLGT]
  • An innocent Jason Pominville dump-in attempt smacked Chris Stewart in the face, giving him a nice cut on his mouth and some stitches. He did not return following this. [SLGT]
  • Not at all shocking that Jay Bouwmeester is a super creepy-lookin' motherfucker in super slow motion. [SLGT]
  • JR Lind of III Communication is on point with his Conference III Title Belt Defense tweet. You are an inspiration, sir. [Twitter / @jrlind]


  • Eleven games last night, because they can't have shit interfering with today's game . . . which I can understand. [ 12/31/13]
  • Two games today. Pretty sure not even Canucks and Lightning(s) fans give a shit about their own game. [ 01/01/14]
  • We had a WJC GDT. Canada won 3-2. Whatever. NOT THE MEDAL ROUND YET, FUCKERS. [SLGT]
  • Winter Classic forecast in Ann Arbor? Snow. Oh FUCK yes. (WARNING: Autoplay. Sorry.) [The Weather Channel]
  • They talked about it on 24/7 Episode 3, and now it actually happened . . . Dion Phaneuf and the Maple Leafs agreed on a 7-year extension worth a shitload of money. [CBC]
  • The aforementioned Lightning(s) suited up in their college and junior sweaters for a team picture before boarding the plane to the west coast. This is awesome. [Icethetics]
  • Shawn Thornton will not appeal his 15-game suspension to an independent arbitrator, which very well may be a wise decision. [Big Bad Blog]
  • After today's Winter Classic game, they'll announce the Team USA Olympic Hockey roster. Bobby Ryan may not be on it. Which . . . well, I don't like, if the excuses listed will be the ones given. But that's just me. [Puck Daddy]


  • Exit 6 Brewery in Cottleville got a Cease And Desist letter from Starbucks because of a beer they named "Frappicino" (obvious misspelling, eh?). They weren't pleased, so they sent a sarcastic response. Included in that response was a "PSSSS: GO BLUES!" [KSDK]
  • Suck it, Indiana Hoosiers. #Illini [The Champaign Room]
  • One more year-ending list . . . 2013 in sports one-liners. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise . . . you should all aspire to be CCR, folks!) [National Post]


First, a short, somber and always-fitting tribute to a new year from one Colonel Sherman Thomas Potter, M.D.:

Then . . . Pat Sajak does an interview with Dan LeBatard and LeBatard's father (On a program called "Highly Questionable"), in such admitting that he and Vanna White occasionally got drunk before filming episodes of Wheel Of Fortune. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise):

Pat Sajak is a Goddamn legend.

One more day and I'm free! Send me some links:

And speaking of Pat Sajak, we mentioned him in this week's episode of Beyond Checkerdome, which had a special guest and goes to air in just hours. Be sure to grab it!

And may you have a happy and healthy New Year with much joy and . . . perhaps . . . a parade down Market Street in mid-June. One of these years, my friends . . . .

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