Recap: Blues Fall To Kings, 4-1

Dilip Vishwanat

Tonight the St. Louis Blues played like a pile of dog doo. That is playing it nice. What happened? Get your drinks ready ladies and gents - it's recap time.

Tonight I am livid at the St. Louis Blues. Absolutely livid. I cannot answer the burning question as to what is wrong and I am not going to stir the goalie "controversy" pot. The St. Louis Blues just played like a giant stinking ball of shit. Whether or not that has to do with the opponent is really beside the point. The Blues and Kings play a similar style of play. With that taken into account it should be a tight game from both teams. When you know the offensive style that you play, it's easier to defend, and it's easier to calculate against. For some reason or another the Blues do not play this way against the Kings, or, hell, against any other team from California. Tonight the entire St. Louis Blues game was a clusterfuck. It was slow at the start and consistently and full of bull shit throughout the rest of the game.

The Blues sat back and watched as Los Angeles hoarded puck possession like a 5 year old stock up on Halloween candy. Tonight's officials made their appearance known. They had quite a few questionable calls on both ends of the ice. As with every other game against the Kings this year, aside from the outlier shutout game, the team from the city of angels played rough and at times debatable as to their legality. The Kings would strike first at 2:31. Jake Muzzin would send a snap shot past Jaroslav Halak, glove side. Halak still looked like he was fighting off the flu. He was sluggish at his best, and down right terrible at his worst.

The Blues only goal would come in the second period when TJ Oshie would get a chance at the in game shoot out for the first time in his career. He would blast the shit out of the puck, stunning Jonathan Quick.

It was all down hill from there. NBC made it worse with the constant dick suckling, specifically involving Drew Doughty and Quick. Their CONSTANT steam of homerisims towards the Kings players was like listening to nails running down a chalkboard. The Kings would opening up the third period and destroy any momentum the Blues had from the starting face off. The game would end with bad blood and a nasty ass hit on the head of Vladimir Sobotka, which resulted in a angry Vladimir Tarasenko. Sobie, Senko and Chris Stewart would be sure to go after Muzzin any chance they would get in the last 6 minutes of the game.

Three Stars of the Game


TJ Oshie


Trevor Lewis


Jonathan Quick

Bluenotes from Twitter

Tweet of the Night

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