Friday Links: The Lullaby of Broadway

Pictured: Tony & Oscar winning St. Louisan actor Kevin Kline, I assume, struggling in his latest role as a competent NHL defenseman. - Elsa

Blues win, Hullie used to drink A LOT, people who matter start hating loser points, soccer-related drunk-dialing, and only Imperial Stormtroopers pop, lock, & drop it so precisely. All while I let my musical theatre nerdy self run wild. CLICK THINGS THEN CLICK OTHER THINGS!

Like so many before them, the Blues got off their bus from the Midwest to chase their dream on The Great White Way!*

*Assuming that dream was just two points against a Metro division team.

(BTW, since we played on Broadway last night, yes all of these interior links are musical theatre/Broadway related. Enjoy them if you like, & if not,'s a bitch sometimes. A little culture won't kill you guys, I promise.)


  • The Blues beat the New York Rangers 2-1 on a winning goal form Kevin Shattenkirk. Ashley, aka, SeriouslyUnderwhelmingWALL*E, described it (& partially Buzzfed it) thusly. [SLGT]
  • Here's the Broadway Babies' perspective on the whole thing. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • The whole team will appear at tonight's Yale vs Brown game to help Jaden Schwartz honor his late sister & benefit the Mandi Schwartz foundation. [STLToday]
  • Alexander Steen left last night's game late in the 2nd period after a very awkward run into the boards. As of press time, he's thought to be day-to-day. If he's not ok now, hopefully he feels better sooner rather than later - but at least he's still Alive, so there's that. [Frozen Notes]
  • Ignore the stupid, stupid headline and check out this great piece on Hullie, telling some great old off-ice booze-infused stories from bar hops with Chaser, Butcher, & other Blues from back in the day, plus it ends up talking about his current role with the team. I'll drink to that! [Riverfront Times]



  • If you have even a passing interest in soccer, you might have heard that Manchester United is having a pretty disappointing season especially by their standards. After their recent loss to shit-tastic Sunderland that knocked them out of the League Cup, a drunk United fan called 999 (the British 911) and demanded to speak with former Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Obviously the British police weren't able to connect him since they were, one assumes, preoccupied with Victorian child pickpockets. [Pro Soccer Talk]
  • A guy on Craigslist was looking to sell his couch by describing it as "the Lena Dunham of couches." Unfortunately, that wasn't Lena Dunham helped out. That's certainly one way to navigate the Muddy Waters of the Internet marketplace. [Zap 2 It]
  • If you happen to travel throughout the US, you should always try to drink the local drinks - or at least drinks that sound local. Here are 50 cocktails for 50 states. Fun fact that I learned from this one: The Missouri Mule is named after Harry Truman. And since they're listing states, I'll include a famous musical theatre classic song from The Golden Age whose title is the name of a state that beings with an "O." That's right: Ohio! (Whose drink is The Velvet Elvis, BTW.) [Buzzfeed]


Sticktap to Ashley, aka, UndeniablyShoddyProtocoldroid, for this awesome video she called "The Empire Twerks Back," although personally I'm more partial to "A-Twerk of the Clones" since all Imperial Stormtroopers are clones of Jango Fett. I think I'll rate their Dancing a Ten, but...

Just in case any of you still thought there was any hope left in the world for any of us to find life-long love, Tennille recently filed for divorce from The Captain. Yikes, is that depressing news...better Send In the Clowns.

You've got links? We've got a large(-ish) audience to share those links with. And sharing is caring.

Too bad we only play away to the Rangers once a year, or I'd probably be doing this more often. But I suppose being in the objectively superior conference more than makes up for it all, huh.

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