Recap: St. Louis Olympians Beat Canada's Worst, 5-2

Come young Osh, Join us in our celebration huddle of love and Olympic glory! - Derek Leung

Tonight the St. Louis Blues were successful in their second meeting with David Perron and his imaginary teammates. The played a full 45 minutes tonight while lolly gagging the other 15 minutes in the second period. How? That's what I am here for. Recaps away!

First Period

Tonight the St. Louis Blues took on the Edmonton Oilers aka the David Perron's New Team. The Blues came out Roaring out of the gate against the struggling Oilers. Around 6 minutes into the game the Two Vlads One Swede line put on a beautiful show of their hockey prowess. All though they did not capitalize on the rush and all encompassing super pressure cycle, as I like to call it the Polar Vortex, that soon ensued on Edmonton Ice. Just DAMN can Vladimir Tarasenko manage that puck. He executed some mesmerizing plays and gorgeous passes with the help of Patrik Berglund and Vladimir Sobotka. The little Russian Tank that could sure as shit is a damn good hockey player, teams should be freaked the fuck out by him because he is still growing. The kid can play and he is becoming the machine all Blues fans wanted the 22 year old to be when he first signed with the St. Louis Blues. Honestly I could write sonnets about the skill this kid has. Not only was the teams offense in a spirited mood tonight the Defense was just as strong. Early in the period Edmonton caught the Blues on a few bad passes and took it to netminder Brian Elliott. Ells would make some spectacular plays to keep the blues from paying for a few minor mistakes. Halfway through the first 20 minutes things would get chippy with the Blues fourth line and the team from Edmonton.

At 11:28 Nick Schultz would trip TJ Oshie up and would sit in the box for the required allotment of 2 minutes. On the ensuing power play, at 12:46 Chris Stewart would once again earn his God DAAAAMN Status as he would get the puck past Ilya Bryzgalov using his spectacular strength to some how stay on his skates and get the puck off of his stick and into the back of the net. Not only is he Chris God Damn Stewart once again, it is also safe to say that Stewie is earning the moniker of "Oiler Killer".

The Blues would close out the period with a resounding thump as they headed into the locker room to prep for the next 20 minutes of the game.

Second Period

The second period would not be the same for the St. Louis Blues. A minute into the period they would give up a bad turn over to Nail Yakupov. who would take the opportunity to heart and make it count. Tying the game up at 1. The Blues would not sit back another second. At 2:18 Maxim Lapiere would jam the puck between Bryz's pads and take the lead back for the team from St. Louis.

The same tenacity they had in the first would not return as the period wore on. the pressure the Blues once held over the Oilers would fade away as another quick goal from the Oilers at 5:10. Elliott would be caught on a rush by Edmonton and make an attempt to stack the pads in the air, missing the puck. The Blues would continue to scramble to try and regain some type of composure in the game and get back to the style of play they have been known for this season. David Backes and Vladimir Tarasenko would be the diffrence makers of the period as the Blues were able to catch a few lucky breaks and turn the momentum their way. At 10:56 Backes would snap the puck past Bryz on the power play. For the second power play goal of the game.

After Backes goal the Oilers seemingly delayed the game as an old, evil, version of the Tenth Doctor would cry foul from the Edmonton bench. The referees would check the Edmonton net for a tare in the plastic covering at the base of the net. Edmonton seemed to think Lappy's goal was invalid because of an unfair advantage in the goal netting. Dallas Eakins  would later hide the incriminating evidence of his sonic screwdriver in the hallow end of an unused stick. Tarasanko's rocket of a shot would go in the net right off the face off 3 minutes after Backes snapshot, at 13:57.

Senko's goal would put a high note on the period that they decided to swap out with their usual shit the bed first period.

Third Period

The third period would be aggressive and full of hard hits, as much of the previous 40 minutes had been. The first half of the third would be back and forth as both teams seemed to slow down their pace from Fatigue. The Blues continued to play strong and a safe style of hockey as they held their 2 goal lead. Senko would take a bad and awkward hit into the boards. But would skate off shaking his wrist, and would not miss a shift. In Soviet Russia arm doesn't hurt. With 2:15 left in the game the Oilers would pull Bryz for the extra man advantage. With 1:34 play would stop as Oshie would lay injured on the ice barely being able to get to his knees after an ugly leg on leg accidental collision with Taylor Hall. Oshie would leave the ice able to put weight on the injured leg. The extra man advantage for Edmonton would basically be null and void as Berglund would put the puck in the empty net.

The game was a good game from the Blues and proves why we have a team full of olympians in our mix. I enjoyed the game from a fan standpoint as it showcased some of our young talent, especially Senko (Who I litterly could be moved to write sonnets and songs and love notes to by his beautiful style of play). For now I have to go get ready to move tomorrow. Someone will have the recap for you on Thursday if I am not able to have access to it due to ATT not giving us a install date yet. Enjoy the night and stay warm Blues fans!

Three Stars of the Game


David Backes


Patrik Berglund


Vladimir Tarasenko

Bluenotes From Twitter

Or don't... your choice...

Tweet of the Game is slow uploading goal videos tonight. Will update with videos when they are available.

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