Monday Links - Red, White & Teej All Over


TJ Oshie is a popular sumbitch. And we should be happy about that. Also, other things happened. And we get word on what one man's American Dream is. Getcha coffee ready.


Also . . . anyone notice that when looked at in the typical left-to-right method, the Olympic Rings start with blue? (S/T to DanGNR for that little tidbit.)

Alright. Have some links.


  • A Super Bowl ad asked "Is there anything more American than America?" Yes, there is. And it's T.J. Oshie. [Slate]
  • Will Leitch, who is awesome, obviously wrote things about the Teej. [Sports on Earth]
  • A cohort of Will Leitch, Peter Richmond, wrote about the big hug Oshie gave to Vladimir Tarasenko after Saturday morning's game. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Sports on Earth]
  • Win a TJ Sochi shirt. [SLGT]
  • Deadspin posted this hilarious impromptu interview NoDak hockey broadcasters did with Teej during the 2010 Olympic break. Teej is chomping on gum, probably because he was shithammered. Still not NEARLY as embarrassing as the "Worst Episode Of Cribs Ever". (HOLY SHIT, TWO OLYMPIANS!) (S/T to Hildy) [Deadspin]
  • Putting some perspective on Saturday's win. It really wasn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, folks. (S/T to Hildy) [Raw Charge]
  • Prospect Sunday! B-Dub writes about the week that was, what lies ahead, who's trending up and gives updates on the draft. [SLGT; SLGT; SLGT; SLGT]
  • USA beat Slovenia (David Backes scored a goal, but Phil Kessel had the Natural Hatty), Austria beat Norway, Russia beat Slovakia despite not giving a shit and Canada needed OT to beat Finland. [ 02/16/14]
  • No hockey today. Qualification round starts Tuesday. Sweden, USA, Canada and Finland got byes. [ 02/18/14]


First . . . #Merica. Always fitting before, during or after another Team USA win. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise):

I dunno, that's all everyone's American Dream, right? . . . Right?

Secondly, back home, the Adirondack Phantoms and Portland Pirates decide to beat the shit out of each other at the end of their game yesterday. Includes a goalie fight. (S/T to Kate):


Send links. Send videos. Send stuff! I have a backlog of videos, but that doesn't mean I hate having a backlog. Send me things:

No hockey games, so no GDT's today. Phew.

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