Thursday Links - A Bear Of An Opponent

This guy will not factor into tonight's game. I'm not even trolling, actually. - Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Blues host Bruins. GTGT info. Beyond Checkerdome. No Chara. Power Rankings. Fuck a Duck. A look at Americans in Sochi (other than hockey players). And Shatty wearing a GoPro. HONK HONK HONK.

It's not quite cold enough to be the plus-minus of Nail Yakupov (which, by the way, is -30 as of this morning), but holy mother of fuck is it cold here.

So, SO much better than 100 and humid, though.


  • The Blues host the Bruins tonight at the DrinkScotch. Jaroslav Halak will start. Dmitrij Jaskin is in the lineup but it's unknown who he replaces. All that and more in Lou's notebook. [In The Slot / Lou Korac]
  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode 29 went to air yesterday. We discuss the week that was, drink beer and go off on a few tangents. Y'know, the usual. [SLGT]
  • Sarah Connors is in town for tonight's game (and Saturday's, too). You knew about the post-game skate at Steinberg Saturday. But . . . pre-game GTGT at the Flying Saucer tonight at 5pm! Be there. [SLGT]


  • In case you missed it mentioned on Beyond Checkerdome, Zdeno Chara will miss this game AND the Bruins' last game before the Olympic break as he serves as the flag-bearer for Team Slovakia at the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi. Good for him. And hey, good for the Blues, maybe. [CSN New England]
  • For everything you'll ever want to know about the Boston Bruins, check out the excellent Stanley Cup of Chowder. Their Managing Editor is . . . well, we've talked about her already. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]


  • Three games last night. Nice work, Anaheim, you assholes. [ 02/05/14]
  • Eleven games tonight. The Blues-Bruins game is almost undoubtedly the marquee event of this list. [ 02/06/14]
  • Ryan Lambert takes on the Islanders, Sochi and the greatness of Paul Maurice in this week's Power Rankings. [Puck Daddy]
  • He tried, but Steven Stamkos will not participate in the 2014 Winter Olympics, as the Lightning(s) confirmed yesterday. [Lightning(s)]
  • Some "Stunning Numbers" from Sean Leahy. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tomorrow is Joe Pavelski Day in the Sharks forward's hometown of Plover, Wisconsin. #Merica [Fear The Fin]
  • Rogers Communications is going around Canada on a "listening tour", asking people what they want to hear during broadcasts . . . and have promised to actually listen. They could start by telling them they love Pierre McGuire and would take him back on a Canada-exclusive deal and I'd applaud . . . [Globe & Mail]


  • SB Nation wants to make sure you're full of enough #Merica for these #Limpics. So they posted a preview of "who to watch". (No hockey players, probably because both the men's and women's team may be way over-covered already.) [SB Nation]
  • DOINK. [Deadspin]
  • Remember those Big Mouth Billy Bass things? Well, one of them finally served a useful Goddamn purpose for once. [Y! / AP]


Two today. First . . . say what you want about Bruins fans, but they really like to have a good time. (S/T to @ChrisAhner):


And second, at yesterday's optional skate, Kevin Shattenkirk wore a GoPro camera. Only ONE PERSON sent me this video! For shame. (S/T to GT lurker, Matt):

Now, if only we all could shoot like him.

That'll do it for my links week. J-Mill is the dude Friday thru Sunday. Hey, send him stuff, why don'tcha:

Check back shortly for insights, analysis and other goodies on tonight's big tilt with the Bruins. #RockTheScott . . . and get yourself a Game Time rag. And hey, tip your vendor, you cheap prick.


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