Monday Links - Hug A Leafs Fan Today

Jay Bouwmeester looks creepy even when he's cross-checking a dude. - Claus Andersen

A look at the Blues' acquisitions. Push to the finish? Toews injured, Blackhawks lose. Cawlidge hawkey. Parody of Frozen. Hockey fight bro-hug. Dramatic endings. NPH and Segel go Les Mis again. And the Nightmare on Helm Street. Fuck Monday . . . and FUCK CANCER.

J-Mill apologizes for not doing links yesterday. I think.

But hey, it's Monday. Do you need links more than coffee? Well, here you go.


  • Since there were no links yesterday, there was no recap posted in yesterday's links. So here's Hildy's recap from that shitfest on Saturday. As you probably know, the Stars won 4-2. [SLGT]
  • A look at the acquisitions the Blues made before and during this season and their effect from rminton618. [SLGT]
  • One of our readers, lostinthecrowd, is looking for your input for a research paper she's doing. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • Are the Blues primed to push to the finish line? Lou Korac thinks they are, and he writes words and stuff about it better than I can. [In The Slot / Lou Korac]
  • I don't like to link to Bleacher Report (because seriously, Bleacher Report blows, and you shouldn't send us Bleacher Report links unless they are absolutely astounding), but J-Mill was sent this b/r piece breaking down the Blues' forwards. (S/T to Chris, who was definitely mindful of our little b/r thing when he sent this, so thanks, Chris!) [Bleacher Report]


  • Six games were played last night. They all had final scores and shit. [ 03/30/14]
  • Four games tonight. Prime time eastern national television goes to . . . the Panthers and the Devils? SERIOUSLY?! At least the Wild(s) and Kings also get to be on national TV, I suppose. [ 03/31/14]
  • The Blackhawks lost to the Penguins 4-1 last night, and in the process, a hit that some considered slightly illegal (though there's no consensus on that, and hell, I don't even believe it was) by Brooks Orpik in the second period knocked out Jonathan Toews for the remainder of the game. [Second City Hockey]
  • Ryan Lambert has been recapping the NCAA Hockey Tournament. North Dakota moved on to the Frozen Four in rather surprising fashion. And that made my fiancée happy. [Puck Daddy]
  • A hilarious parody of Frozen that makes light of the Canucks goalie situation, entitled "Do You Wanna Have A Goalie Fight?" . . . it's outstanding. (WARNING: AUTOPLAYS, SO IF YOU'RE AT WORK, PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR SPEAKERS BEFORE CLICKING . . . THANK YOU) (S/T to Ashley, AKA FabricatedPeachyCharacter) [SoundCloud]
  • A Federal Hockey League "scrap" started inauspiciously then ended with a bro-hug, a beer toast and a peace sign to the crowd. But no one else gets to see it, apparently. Find out what I mean later. [Puck Daddy]
  • Dominic Moore was the obvious nominee for the Masterton Trophy for the Rangers, and with the fact that his wife passed away of cancer (FUCK CANCER, by the way) a couple years ago and he just came back this season, I'm really not sure anyone other than Moore should win the award, so I mean, let's just give it to him. I'm serious. [Ranger Rants]


  • 16 shows where the actor and the show parted ways in a very dramatic way. My favorite, basically because of the back-story (also, because it was M*A*S*H and it dealt with a character from the University of Illinois) is McLean Stevenson. (S/T to Kate) [AV Club]
  • A few years back, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel of How I Met Your Mother pulled off an impromptu play of "The Confrontation" from Les Miserables. Well, they did it again on Friday's episode of Inside the Actor's Studio. And it was awesome. (S/T again to Ash) [BuzzFeed]


Well, see that link about that bro-hug hockey fight thingy from Puck Daddy? You'll see that the video on that post was made private. It was going to be down here, but . . . yeah, screw that, obviously.

Instead, you get Steve Dangle's LFR from after Toronto's game against the Wings. It's rather entertaining:

I mean, seriously. The Maple Leafs are terrible right now. If you know a Leafs fan, give them a hug right now.

Send your links, videos and everything else:

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