Tuesday Links - Ryan Miller Can Afford A Better Hat

A guy that can dress like this should be able to do better than a plain black stocking cap. - Ethan Miller

Blues host Lightning(s). Miller/Ott home debut. A poll. Trades could still happen. Raw Charge. Orlov suspended. Mike Ilitch gives no fucks about Detroit's well-being. Scrivens extended. Obscene Alex. Bollig extension. Boom goes the snowplow. And more pond hockey!

Thanks to the Missouri Valley Conference Basketball Tournament (I hear Wichita State is good, or something), tonight will be the only Blues home game between the Olympic Break and March 13th. Enjoy it. There may be some significance behind it. Or something.


  • Ryan Miller is "very open" to remaining a member of the Blues past the end of this season. [StL Today]
  • A special shortened edition of Beyond Checkerdome went to air yesterday. Tim and I spoke with Sabres/Leafs NHL.com writer and Pro Hockey Talk writer Joe Yerdon regarding Friday's trade. [SLGT]
  • How comfortable are you with Miller as Blues' goaltender? Vote! [SLGT]
  • Remember Jaroslav Halak? Well, he's rumored to be moving to the Wild(s), and not just according to this . . . but to Yerdon (see above), who covers the Sabres. Mother. Fuck. [SLGT]
  • Ryan Miller and Steve Ott, from the perspective of a Sabres fan. [SLGT]
  • A look at which Blues are hot and not against the Lightning(s) heading into tomorrow's game with them. (I'll forgive the misspelling of Brenden Morrow . . . I suppose.) [SLGT FanPosts]
  • Looks like Ryan Lambert read all my tweets about a possible Miller trade. Or agreed with me. (Though I'm willing to give Miller much more of a chance than Lambert.) All that in more in this week's What We Learned. [Puck Daddy]


  • For all you've ever wanted to know about the Tampa Bay Lightning(s) (the only NHL team whose Twitter account follows me, by the way . . . for some reason . . . thanks, @TBLightning, you're swell!), head on over to Raw Charge. [Raw Charge]



  • So apparently I'm not the only one to get slammed by snow lately (yes, you good folks of the Midwest have gotten it too . . . but hell, my area got two feet in about a week). This dude? Well, he got owned by a snow plow in Jersey. [Deadspin]
  • Farmers don't have much to do in the winter. Especially in Minnesota. So this one built a gigantic-ass snowman. Good on the lad. [Y! / AP]


First, I posted a pond hockey video yesterday that involved some Canucks legends. Today, I present to you a bunch of people from Minnesota who get together every winter and play. And to hear their takes on it . . . quite incredible. (S/T to CanesAndBluesFan):

The room got a bit dusty toward the end when they were talking about Dieter. I'll admit.

Next, you should watch Steve (Dangle) Glynn's final Leafs Fan Reaction video from his bedroom at his parents' house . . . before his move to his own place in Oshawa. Mainly because of the memorabilia he shows for the second half of it:


Links? Videos? You know you wanna:

And if you're heading to tonight's game . . . give a warm welcome to the newcomers, and be sure to buy yourself a rag. St. Louis Game Time is the best $4 you'll spend at the DrinkScotch tonight. Oh, and don't forget to tip your vendor, you cheap ass.


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