Who's Hot Who's Not: Blues vs Preds




This is the second installment of my article Who's Hot Who's Not. In the first article I highlighted players who were historically hot against the Tampa Bay Lightning. If you recall, I touched on the Lightning being 1 of 5 teams T.J. Oshie had scored short handed goals against. He did that feat again last night. Today, I will be highlighting Blues players who historically play well and poorly against the Nashville Predators.

Who's Hot -

Derek Roy - Roy has laced up against the Predators 11 times in his career. During those games, he has enjoyed some of his best +/- stats. Roy has scored only 3 goals, but has registered 7 assists. That is just shy of 1 point per game when facing Nashville. Possibly the best part of Roy's time on the ice against Nashville isn't what he has done, but what Nashville hasn't done. Nashville has never scored a goal while Derek Roy is on the ice. Look for Roy to shut down the Nashville offense, and dish the puck around to his teammates.

Steve Ott - Historically Ott had played poorly against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but that all changes when he skates against Nashville. Ott has played 29 games against the Predators, and has registered 10 points in those games. His stat line reads 4 goals, 6 assists. During his 29 games against Nashville, the Predators have only scored once while Ott is one the ice. No team has been more at his mercy during his career than Nashville. Ott has his best +/- ratio when skating against them.

David Backes - Few men play a more visibly destructive game against Nashville than David Backes, and his +/- shows it. In 42 career games against the Predators, David Backes is +8. When Backes is on the ice, the Predators have scored 20 times. A stat that doesn't sound so hot, until you see that by himself, Backes has scored 10 times. That means of the 5 opposing players, they were only able to score only twice the amount that a single player on the Blues was able to score. That doesn't even touch the 18 assists which Backes has notched while on the ice against Nashville.

Who's Not -

Kevin Shattenkirk - Shattenkirk may be a hero at Boston College, but against the Nashville Predators, he is a zero. Zero being the number of goals he has scored in his 16 career games against them. Shattenkirk, in his defense, was credited with 6 assists. Overall, that still leaves him at -7 with 0 out of his 32 shots finding the twine. The only team to see Shattenkirk have a worse +/- ratio is the LA Kings. The Predators are one of only 10 teams to see Shattenkirk in the negative.

Barret Jackman - In 56 career games, Jackman has only been able to muster 8 points. 1 goal and 7 assists leaves him with a career -7 against Nashville. His only saving grace is that Nashville is only scoring a goal every 3.7 games when Jackman is on the ice. Jackman has never been known as a goal scorer, as he has only slipped the kitten passed the mitten against 16 teams in his career. Nashville just happens to be one of them. Even though he is considered a not, I think we all want to scream JAX JAX JAX tomorrow.

Jay Bouwmeester - Bouwmeester may be one of the better defensemen in the league, but he still stands in the negatives against the Nashville Predators. Bouwmeester has been shut out in the goal department against only 6 teams in his career, Nashville being one of them. He has 0 goals and 7 assists in 24 career games. Bouwmeester has historically not seen any less playing time when facing the Predators, with his average time on the ice being 25:22.

Goaltending -

Ryan Miller - Miller has faced Nashville only 6 times in his career. In those games he is 3-2-1 with a .909 save percentage. His GAA is a middle of the road 2.57 while posting 1 shut out.

Brian Elliott - Elliott has faced Nashville one more time than his counterpart, and has seen better results. In his career, Elliott is 5-2-0 with a .929 save percentage. He also boasts a low GAA, which comes in at 1.81. His 2 career shutouts of Nashville helps him maintain such a low number.

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