Sunday Links: Who Got Next?

I GOT YOUR NOSE!!! - Doug Pensinger

The Blues vanquish yet another Belt Challenger - now the Wild want to have a swing!

No time to celebrate being 17-0-1 against the Central division - we have to concentrate on going 18-0-1!


  • While it was a much more competitive game this time, the Blues brought down the Landslide yesterday by the score of 2-1. You got a recap from Ashley, aka, AuthenticallySinfulAgentSmith. And here it is: [SLGT]
  • The perspective from Avalanche fans is that they're now convinced the Avs can play with the Big Boys. It's one thing to play with them - it's another thing entirely to beat them. Still, some other great insights. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Brian Elliott will make his first post-Ryan Miller trade start tonight. Also in JR's notes: next month's Blues-Blackhawks game on Sunday, April 6th has officially been moved up into the NBC slot at 11:30 am central from it's original 6:30 pm puck drop. Plan your United Center invasions accordingly. [STLToday]


  • The Note will once again defend their Conference III Title Belt this evening against the Minnesota Wild, who lost last night 4-3 in Dallas (on Mike Modano night, BTW). [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Remember when Dany Heatley was arguably the best sniper on Earth not named "Ovechkin?" Yeah, now he's playing on the 4th line of a Trap team. Also, remember when he drove drunk and killed his own teammate? Fuck that guy. (Never a bad time for a reminder - always have a DD and don't take chances with that kind of shit.) [Star Tribune]


  • Here are all the scores from yesterday. You already heard the two that are any concern, but here are the rest of them anyway. [ 3/8]
  • Five matches today: the NBC game is Red Wings-Rangers, with the Blackhawks-Sabres game worth keeping an eye on to see just exactly how ugly one NHL game can get in 2014. [ 3/9]
  • The standings as they sit this morning: as if we needed more motivation, a win tonight will see us leap frog the Ducks for first overall in the league. Also, if the playoffs started today, the following series would take place in round 1: Penguins-Red Wings, Bruins-Lightning, Canadiens-Maple Leafs, Flyers-Rangers, Ducks-Stars, Blues-Wild, Blackhawks-Avalanche, and freaking Sharks-Kings. Can we just skip the rest of the year and start the playoffs now? No? about now? [ Standings]
  • As mentioned in Saturday's links, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore "incident." Here's a great reflection on the event from Wyshynski, its cultural impact outside of hockey, and where we're at today on events such as that (because, like Wysh mentions, we've seen countless "Bertuzzi-esque" plays happen since then, some of which were arguably worse *cough* Shawn Thornton *cough*). [Puck Daddy]


Yeah, we're just skipping ahead to the videos today, mostly because I lost an hour of link ratting. (By the way, if you haven't already, SET YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD. Daylight savings time is useless bullshit in today's world, but we all still have to change the settings of how we measure time, so just do it.)

First up - you probably saw the touching tribute/highlight video that the Buffalo Sabres put together to say goodbye to Ryan Miller. But did you know that they also put together a touching tribute/highlight video for Jaroslav Halak before trading him to the Capitols? Here it is.

Secondly, it's Sunday, which is Walking Dead day. Also, I've recently been feeling the need to go bowling. I'm god fucking awful at bowling, but I want to go anyway. Put two-and-two together, and you get...WALKING DEAD CELEBRITY BOWLING BROUGHT TO YOU BY NERDIST!

As if you needed any more reasons to think that Glenn's a fucking badass!

Tyler's back tomorrow. I hear he's taking requests these days.

It's also Prospect Sunday - come here about how awesome the Chicago Wolves are doing! Unless they aren't doing awesome...I'm not sure...buuuut that's why I'll be sure to check back and find out!

Oh yeah, and gameday shit. LET'S GO BLUES!!!

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