"Game Time" Prospect Sunday: THE '14 FILE, Apr. 13, 2014

The release of the NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings this week is the first sign of spring in the hockey world, and the best reminder that the draft is just around the corner. This week in "The '14 File," your GTPD presents our first "Hot List" of the 2014 Draft season, highlighting players of interest from the European rankings.



Hot List Header

In this, the first look at a "Hot List" for the 2014 Draft, we're looking at some players who made big moves up the rankings in Europe.

The first two players, Adrian Kempe and Juho Lammikko, are players who have been on the GTPD radar since early in the season. Their small drops in the rankings actually work in the Blues' favor; these players are now a little more likely to still be available when the Blues' turn comes to pick near the end of each round.

The other players on this ranking are players who have made big jumps in the rankings from Midterm to Final (or, in the case of Oskar Lindblom, are players who, like Kempe and Lammikko, have been on our radar for a while). Several players here were not ranked at all at Midterm, only to jump into Top 50 or even Top 30 spots on the final rankings.

The column headings should be, for the most part, self-explanatory. The "MID" column is the player's rank by Central Scouting at midterm, the "FIN" column is the player's final ranking by Central Scouting, and the "+/-" column represents how many spots the player moved up or down from midterm to the final ranking.

KEMPE, ADRIAN MODO JR (SWE) LW/L 6' 01.50" 187 LB 09-13-96 003 EUR 006 EUR - 03 SWE flag
LAMMIKKO, JUHO ÄSSÄT JR (FIN) RW/L 6' 02.50" 189 LB 01-29-96 013 EUR 014 EUR - 01 FIN flag
OLLAS MATTSSON, ADAM DJURGÅRDEN JR (SWE) D/L 6' 04.00" 209 LB 07-30-96 017 EUR 015 EUR + 02 SWE flag
GAVRIKOV, VLADISLAV YAROSLAVL 2 (RUS) D/L 6' 02.00" 191 LB 11-21-95 030 EUR 017 EUR + 13 RUS flag
LAGESSON, WILLIAM FRÖLUNDA JR (SWE) D/L 6' 02.00" 196 LB 02-22-96 040 EUR 018 EUR + 22 SWE flag
BERGMAN, JULIUS FRÖLUNDA JR (SWE) D/R 6' 01.00" 187 LB 09-13-96 022 EUR 019 EUR + 03 SWE flag
WALLMARK, LUCAS LULEÅ (SWE) C/L 6' 00.00" 176 LB 09-05-95 024 EUR 020 EUR + 04 SWE flag
LINDBLOM, OSKAR BRYNÄS JR (SWE) LW/L 6' 01.25" 191 LB 08-15-96 023 EUR 023 EUR + 00 SWE flag
SÖDERBERG, ANDREAS SKELLEFTEÅ JR (SWE) D/L 6' 04.00" 201 LB 06-16-96 N/R EUR 029 EUR +112 SWE flag
ENGLUND, ANDREAS DJURGÅRDEN JR (SWE) D/L 6' 03.25" 189 LB 01-29-96 049 EUR 030 EUR + 19 SWE flag
SOPANEN, EETU PELICANS JR (FIN) D/L 6' 05.00" 222 LB 04-24-96 042 EUR 031 EUR + 11 FIN flag
BJÖRNINEN, HANNES PELICANS JR (FIN) RW/L 6' 01.00" 183 LB 10-19-95 N/R EUR 040 EUR +101 FIN flag
VORONKOV, YEVGENY CSKA 2 (RUS) D/L 6' 01.00" 191 LB 03-12-96 N/R EUR 046 EUR + 95 RUS flag
BERGKVIST, OSKAR DJURGÅRDEN JR (SWE) LW/L 5' 11.00" 181 LB 05-10-95 N/R EUR 060 EUR + 81 SWE flag
WESTLUND, DAVID BRYNÄS JR (SWE) D/L 6' 03.00" 207 LB 02-05-95 083 EUR 068 EUR + 15 SWE flag

Ten of the 15 players on this initial list are Swedish, indicative of how Sweden has come to be the dominant European hockey nation in recent years, surpassing even the Russians. Six of those ten Swedes are defensemen, a position at which an organization can never have too much depth.

The two Finnish forwards, Lammikko and Björninen, were both Top 30 scorers in the Finnish junior league, the Nuorten SM-Liiga. Björninen finished 11th overall in the scoring parade with a 16-35-51 scoring line (plus-7, 30 PM, 4 PPG) in 48 games played, while Lammikko finished 28th overall with a 17-25-42 line (plus-24, 32 PM, 2 PPG, 1 SHG, 1 GWG) in just 37 games.

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