If It Had Kept Going: Blues-Blackhawks Game 1

Dilip Vishwanat

What if the marathon triple-overtime epic from last night hadn't ended when it did?

Last night, Alexander Steen scored :26 into the third overtime to finally end the longest game in Blues franchise history with 4-3 win over the Blackhawks. But what if (Hockey Gods forbid) Steener had hit the post, and the game had kept going? And going? And going? And going?

So in a blatant rip-off loving homage to an idea from the best soccer blog on the interwebs, Dirty Tackle, let's see what would've happened if it had continued if it had kept going.

1:57 of 3rd OT: Roman Polak tries to shove Andrew Shaw out of the crease, then realizes he actually touched Andrew Shaw. Polak goes to the locker room to sanitize his gloves.

9:33 of 3rd OT: Ryan Miller stones Marian Hossa on a breakaway for his 50th save of the game. The dude behind me in the crowd sarcastically claps and says "Finally Miller makes a save!"

0:19 of 4th OT: Jaden Schwartz takes a second sniff and realizes that Roman Polak had farted in his helmet when he went to the locker room last period.

18:24 of 4th OT: While Steve Ott is already in the box for high sticking, Ryan Reaves seemingly hits Kris Versteeg in the face with his stick, but there's no call. Joel Quenneville is so mad he whips out his high stick.

3:50 of 5th OT: Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane get a 2-on-1 chance, but Barret Jackman lays on the ice, forcing a bad shot that Miller stops and freezes. A fan in the 5th row gets so nervous that he has a heart attack. Vladimir Tarasenko jumps into the crowd, touches the fan on the shoulder, and the fan recovers immediately. No one acts like this is a big deal.

15:17 of 6th OT: Patrick Kane has been sitting on the opposite blueline for five straight minutes now, waiting for a cherry-picking outlet pass. He finally gets one, and he is offside.

14:42 of 8th OT: Brandon Saad takes a shot from the wing that goes wide for the 1,000th combined Fenwick event of the game. Balloons drop from the ceiling. Play continues.

1:16 of 10th OT: This game has not gone on so long, this guy pulls a pair of scissors out of his pocket so he can trim the front of his hair.

19:02 of 12th OT: Chris Porter gets a breakaway chance, but is hooked from behind by Brent Seabrook . A penalty shot is awarded. Porter takes off his helmet and removes a mask to reveal that he had secretly been T.J. Oshie in disguise the entire time. Oshie makes a move and goes backhand-top shelf for the win. The crowd celebrates for a minute before going directly to work.

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