Sunday Links: Happy Holiday! Also, Happy Easter!

BREAKING: CBC Graphics Team Staffed with Psychics - @KyleBraun

Don't let the fact that Brent Seabrook exists keep you from living a long, full life filled with lots of link-clicking!

Given everything that went down yesterday (plus that whole "holiday" thing) I figured I'd just give you guys an Easter Link Hunt! (Note, I'm not good at hiding them. Sorry.)



  • Believe it or not, there were other games after ours ended, and they both included some noteworthy news items...starting with the Blue Jackets coming back from 3-1 down to the Penguins to force overtime, which #Lumbus won in the second OT period for the first postseason win in BJs franchise history. Congratulations to them as they knot their series up 1-1. [The Cannon]
  • The later game saw the Avalanche almost literally skate circles around the Wild defense to a 4-2 win that was not nearly that close. [Mile High Hockey]
  • After a second period that was damn near a work of art by the line of Nathan MacKinnon - Paul Stastny - Gabriel Landeskog , Jeremy Roenick went so far as to say that MacKinnon is a more dominant player right now at age 18 that Sidney Crosby was at age 18. Turns out, basic stats says that's complete and utter bullshit, but don't let that diminish for a second how brilliant MacKinnon has been through 2 games, racking up 7 points and this exquisite highlight reel goal! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Our dance card is full today, with the Flyer-Rangers and Red Wings-Bruins getting back-to-back NBC actual games at 11 am & 2 pm central faceoffs respectively, followed by the Lightning and Canadiens switching to Montreal for game 3 at 6 and capping off with Kings-Sharks game 2 at 9. Egg hunts & fancy dinners be damned, your only excuse spending any time today not watching hockey is when Game of Thrones starts. [ 4/20]


A couple lengthy-ish vids today. First, last night's Coach's Corner, where Grapes talks about how stupid Brent Seabrook is, how gutless Duncan Keith is, and very little about how impressive the Blues comeback was. Among other topics as well. As an American who does not get NHL Network, I've never actually watched an entire Coach's Corner segment. It's...uh...something else, that's for sure. Sticktap to CrossCheckRaise.

This next one is just to change the mood up, to take your mind off of Brent Seabrook for a second. If you're a fan of Aaron Sorkin (West Wing, The Newsroom, Sportsnight, etc.), you'll love Amy Schumer's absolutely PERFECT spoof from her Comedy Central sketch show. Ladies and gentlemen, this summer, HBO presents: The Foodroom.

Goddamnit Brent Seabrook is terrible. Oh well, that didn't work I guess.

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday, so the Sultan of Eclairs returns. Send him so good stuff, won't you?

It's also Sunday, so stop by to see how the kids on the farm are doing. I hear the AHL playoffs are right around the corner, and I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg for what Brian has in store!

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