Thursday Links - So the Hawks CAN Lose At Home?

#CR5WFORD . . . ? Ehhh, I guess. I blow at hashtags. - Tasos Katopodis

Goalie grades. Beyond Checkerdome. Fuck LA. Fuck Chicago. Habs/Rags Game 3. Doc Emrick soundboard. Power Rankings. Chicago-Style Pizza is a bread bowl. Fuck Pierre McGuire. Ovechkin. Bees. Pot. Concussions. And dachshunds. Click shit!

Remember, votes count twice today for the T.J. Oshie vs. Patrice Bergeron hashtag contest. If you're into that sort of thing . . . which I'm not.

Also, Fuck Detroit.


  • The staff graded goalies. A lot of us did our grading before the Brian Elliott signing, and it showed . . . but seriously, Google Docs can bite my fucking ass, or else mine would've been fixed. [SLGT]
  • Episode 43 of Beyond Checkerdome went up yesterday. We have a simple message . . . don't be a dick. Also, I'm not a fan of cover votes or handshakes. [SLGT]


  • Fuck Los Angeles. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • Haha. Fuck Chicago. [The Committed Indian]
  • Game 3 between the Canadiens and Rangers happens at Madison Square Garden tonight. Getcha popcorn ready. [ 05/22/14]
  • Tim Burke of Deadspin created a Doc Emrick soundboard. He should be granted sainthood for this, in every religion known to man. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Deadspin]
  • Ryan Lambert's Power Rankings takes on things again. The Ryan Miller trade was one of them, and it appears he agrees with Doug Armstrong . . . kinda, and in hindsight. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Kings' Twitter account is a bit of a troll. But they may have gotten this one right. Chicago-style pizza, technically speaking, is NOT pizza. It's a fucking bread bowl. A damn GOOD bread bowl, but alas. [SB Nation]
  • The Penguins aren't going to do it, but Wysh still lays out the argument for Pierre McGuire to be a GM somewhere. Though, I mean, Pittsburgh would've been the perfect landing spot, but whatever. GET HIM AND HIS "THIS GUY PLAYED JUNIOR AT __________" OFF MY FUCKING TELEVISION SCREEN. [Puck Daddy]
  • All the major European League (except for the KHL, weirdly) did a draw for their Champions Hockey League. Here were the results. [IIHF Worlds 2014]
  • Alex Ovechkin practiced for the first time since his injury. Which he says was not a knee problem. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]


  • "Are you smoking marijuana while operating this motor vehicle?" "Why, yes I am, officer." [Y! / AP]
  • So hockey's not the only winter sport with a concussion problem. The NBA has one too, apparently. [SB Nation]


This interaction between a dachshund pup and a crab on the beach is just fucking adorable, man:

Badger dogs are the greatest.

That'll do it for me. J-Mill has your weekend. Hit him up with links, videos and the like:

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