Monday Links - Freedom Gets Gut Punched

Ugh. Heartbreaking. - Christopher Lee

Schedule. One more pre-draft '14 File. Jeff Brown lands a good one. Gaborik rumor. Sons of NHLers. Gut punch. Chances are still good, though? Desert Foxes, Red Devils advance. Sad news. Good timing. Prospects' guilty pleasures. And a musicless video. Happy (?!) Monday.

I didn't watch the last 55+ minutes of the World Cup match (And I spent the first 35 or so minutes of the match at a brewpub in Whitefish, MT that has a budding American Outlaws chapter, actually!), but when I got home, I wanted to mash my face into a fucking wall.

Yeah, I guess I care.


  • The 2014-15 Blues schedule has been released! We knew of the home opener, but now we know of the rest. I'm thinking a road trip from Missoula to Edmonton on February 28th may be in order. [SLGT]
  • Prospect Sunday! As Brian has been doing lately, he's been previewing the draft. This time, he gives a bit of a "Silver Seven" for the Blues at each point the team currently holds a pick in the NHL Entry Draft . . . and yes, you may recognize some of these names from their fathers. [SLGT]
  • Speaking of former players (and former Blues, even), Jeff Brown was hired as the new head coach of his hometown Ottawa 67's of the Ontario Hockey League. [SLGT FanPosts]


  • Other than schedule shit, there's really nothing hockey-wise. Except where the Kings apparently offered Marian Gaborik, who--if you weren't paying attention (which I couldn't blame you for, honestly)--was basically the Goddamn bomb-diggity for the Kings' top line in the playoffs, a three-year deal to stick around and be awesome with Anze Kopitar . . . which is a good gig if you can get it. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • But there's also this . . . some more stuff about NHL Draft prospects that are sons of former NHLers, and how similar (or dissimilar) they are to their fathers. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Edmonton Journal]


  • What a gut punch. After rallying from a 1-0 deficit to take a 2-1 lead late in the second half on goals by Jermaine Jones and Clint Dempsey, a late (LATE) stoppage time goal by Portugal stunned the United States and sent the match to a 2-2 draw. [SB Nation]
  • So what does Team USA need to advance? A win over Germany, a draw by Ghana and Portugal or some other things. All things considered, chances are STILL good they proceed to the knockouts. [Deadspin / Screamer]
  • In other World Cup action, Algeria went crazy all over South Korea and beat them 4-2. The Desert Foxes are certainly through to the knockout stage. [CBS Sports Eye on the World Cup]
  • And Belguim, everyone's hipster pick to win the whole damn thing, bored Russia to death for nearly a whole match before getting a late tally from youngster Divock Origi to take a 1-0 win. The Red Devils, too, are certainly through to the knockouts. [SI / AP]


  • I don't particularly "do" basketball, but holy shit this is sad news . . . Baylor center (and early NBA Draft entrant) Isaiah Austin will not be allowed to play competitive basketball again after doctors found during pre-draft physicals that he had a genetic disorder. Damn. [Deadspin]
  • I'd say this is rather fortunate timing, wouldn't you? [Y! / Odd News]


Two! First, the NHL asks some of its' top NHL Draft prospects what their guilty pleasures are. It's . . . ummm, something. (S/T again to CrossCheckRaise):

Yeah. That's . . . something.

But . . . it's not my second video, which is the musicless music video of David Bowie and Mick Jagger for "Dancing In The Street". Oh my. (S/T to Kate):

Like, holy shit. How high were they?

Got links? Got videos? Got something up your sleeve? Then gee, perhaps everyone wants to know:

Friendly reminder . . . there will be no Beyond Checkerdome this week. We're slated to return just in time for the Blues to probably trade for Jason Spezza, knowing our damn luck.

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