Tuesday Links - Harry Carabita Liked To Drink


Depressing stats. Kings not the cock of LA. Doughty falls over. Game Seven ratings. Cup tickets are expensive. Habs eulogy. Hockey or hipster? Bad goalie contracts. Harry Caray. Vin Scully. Cheesesteaks. Diapers. And Levy/Melrose. Enjoy your Tuesday?

No hockey and some beer makes Tyler . . . drink the beer with nothing to watch.


  • No Blues news, but we did have a FanPost by baroose. Yes, this IS depressing, actually, but . . . typical. [SLGT FanPosts]


  • The Kings will never be the big dogs in Los Angeles, but it's not like they need to be. That and more in Ryan Lambert's weekly What We Learned piece. ("The Blues are going to be in the market for scoring help this summer, and only like five months too late!") (By the way, that's about the closest you're EVER going to get to me linking to a "Hockey Guy" piece by Jeff Gordon.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Every so often, Vine is perfect. Like in this six-second clip with Drew Doughty . . . still, then EXCITED, then banging the glass at the Blackhawks, then EXCITED SO MUCH THAT HE falls over the boards. Aaaaaand scene. [Deadspin]
  • NBCSN's ratings for Game Seven? Not bad. Like, the best they've ever had. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals are quite Goddamn expensive. Like, SUPER BOWL expensive. And there's at least four of these games, and up to seven. Jeebus. [CNBC]
  • Remembering the Canadiens . . . of course, a Bruins blogger does this. (ALSO: Reminder - guess who's doing the Blackhawks eulogy? If you guessed ME . . . ummm, no. But Brad and Hildy? Yeah.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Hockey player . . . or hipster? A quiz! [Huffington Post]
  • Bad goalie contracts. Hey, the Blues don't have any of those. Not anymore! But they're also not in the Cup Finals. Anyway, here's SBN Hockey's old Godfather on the matter. [The Globe & Mail]


  • In between his time with the Cardinals and Cubs, Harry Caray (whose surname was actually "Carabita", hence today's headline) broadcasted with the White Sox for a brief time. In 1972, he tracked ALL his drinking expenses. And there were a shitload of them. Like, 288 days straight at one point, and 354 out of 357 days spent at bars before ending the year on vacation. My. Fucking. Hero. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Speaking of old-timey baseball broadcasters, here's a Longform about Vin Scully, who might just be the greatest baseball broadcaster of all time. [SB Nation / Longform]
  • The Mets ate a fuck-ton of Philly cheesesteaks at Citizens Bank Park on April 30th. [Deadspin]
  • Someone stole a bunch of diapers. Because why the fuck not, I guess. [Y! / AP]


ESPN did something about hockey! This time, they go through the last twenty years of Steve Levy and Barry Melrose doing hockey stuff for ESPN. Oh yeah, hockey style, baby:

Nope. I still don't want a hockey mullet.

Have material for the links? I have space for ya, and I'll give you credit! Two surefire ways to let me know:

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