Wednesday Links - Tim Peel Is Not Wise, Is He?


National TV. Lehtera. Peel off Twitter. Leafs shakeup/signing. Winners/losers. Roussel signs. Glendale bitches. Hell's Kitchen penthouse? #FartNoise. Four pound burger. Weed. The Gimli Glider....

Tuesday Links - Actual News in Bluesville. What?!


Actual Blues news! Sad news from the CHI. Egg Tim Peel's Twitter account. Be smarter, GM's. Rocky Mountain Extreme. Arbitration. Gino. Bozon. Ovech-split. RIP, Jim Rockford. Tree dies of irony....

Monday Links - Will It Be Pie, Cake or Death?

Vanelli. Dutchie. Awesome goalie masks. Honeymoon signings. Bleeding money out of a turnip. Five Hole For Food. BFiB party foul. So Ill dumbass. Baseball dumbass. Pie or cake? Cake or death? Star...

Thursday Links - Acoustic Daft Punk

You want links? Well, today was a good time to want them! I have a lot.

Wednesday Links - Striving For Perfection

Perfection. Perds signings. Crosby trying other things. Sergie Federoff? Perfect Twitter starts. More perfection. Russian Mercedes. Fuck Cancer. Cheese van thefts. Over-competitive parents are the...

Tuesday Links - Truculence and Running Things

Schmaltz. World Cup of Hockey. Fancy stats. Truculence. Local kid goes big. Buyouts. Dineen. Lawsuits. Shit Flyers sweaters. Bad lists. Brodeur. Hockey Canada. Giancarlo. Pool cars. Golazos to...

Monday Links - ÜBER ALLES

Optimism. Cole down under. BC. Shootout moves. Sad news. Reducing fighting. Breakfast from the Cup. DEUTSCHLAND!!! Selfies. World Cup awards. Silly things. Chad Johnson being Chad Johnson. Legal...

Monday Open Bar - Mailing It In


And then on Saturday, I decided . . . fuck it, I'm taking Monday off too. (THIS time, to go somewhere . . . really nice . . . instead of to work). So you get nothing and like it today. Sorry.

Holiday Weekend Open Bar - The Big Tease


I'm working a strange schedule the next couple days and it's probably going to be a slow news weekend, so here's an open bar. With a huge tease! And a few other things. So crack open an ice cold...

Fourth of July Links - Pyrogastronomy


Development Camp. Steve Dangle. The Bertuzzi suit. Claude Giroux is a dumbass. Shea Weber bobbleheads. Free Agency grades. Smoke on the Water. 867-5309. And a video SMORGASBORD, including . . ....


Thursday Open Thread - Thanks, From A Drunk Guy


I got home from work about 15 minutes after my links usually go to post. So you get a few links. Like the new Beyond Checkerdome, the free agent tracker . . . oh, and a thank you video for the...

Wednesday Links - American Walnuts and T-Ravs


Hometown boy. Former prospect. But someone leaves. Other free agency stuff. A big trade. ALL THE SAD as Team USA loses. Argentina moves on. No soccer until Friday. Getaway kayak fails. Getting...



There's free agency and stuff today and a bunch of links and shit, but in the grand scheme, the only thing that matters today is that Team USA plays Belgium and I prefer eggs and bacon over...

Monday Links - If You Ain't Dutch, You Ain't Much


The Draft. Trades. Buyouts. Awkward draft photos. Trade requests. HUP HOLLAND HUP (which Elliott agrees with)! Los Ticos. Two historic rival matchups. Buy a town with a bar. Sad news. Dear Kitten....

Thursday Links - Inglourious Outlawes


Insider Trading. New coach in Pittsburgh. Bolland. Callahan. Nikitin. World Cup. Baseball. More World Cup. Inglourious Cupherds. And I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN. I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN.

Wednesday Links - People Aren't Food, Suarez.


NHL awards & all the stuff around it. Offseason primer. Surgery for Quick. College guys. Cover vote winner. Lindros, HHoFer? US Mutant Ninja Turtles. Suarez = DICK. Other soccer. We suck at...

Tuesday Links - De Oranje Woede


Flyers are dumb. HHoF. Dumb Pens. NHL Awards. Canucks have a coach. UFA's sign. Eight dates. 30 Thoughts. Dumb Lightning(s). No buyout for Mike Richards. Soccer. Getting stuck in a vagina. Shooting...

Monday Links - Freedom Gets Gut Punched


Schedule. One more pre-draft '14 File. Jeff Brown lands a good one. Gaborik rumor. Sons of NHLers. Gut punch. Chances are still good, though? Desert Foxes, Red Devils advance. Sad news. Good...

Thursday Links - Cinnamon Toast . . . NOT Crunch


Beyond Checkerdome. Spezza wants StL? Power Rankings. Silly Sundogs. $10K for a Kings fan. Dan Boyle. Drew Remenda. More Americans playing hockey. World Cup. Kershaw's no-no. Winning streaks....

Wednesday Links - Cero A Cero


A lot of things happened yesterday for a league where nothing happens in the offseason. It's like the offseason is short or something! Also, neither Mexico nor Brazil scored a goal, and 39 facts...

Tuesday Links - John Brooks is a Saint


Dumbshit mock drafts. No dynasty. Mayoral Fuck Word. Bylsma in FLA? Thornton leaving Boston. Rags Eulogy. Malone in court. Hockey hugs. Arbitration. Compliance buyouts. Stars over IceCaps. AMERICA....

Monday Links - The Rise of 'Merica Begins Today?


Compliance buyouts. Prospect Sunday. Odds. Thomas Vanek. No dynasty. 'Merica, plus a flood. Jermaine Jones. Deposit boxes. America High School. 1984. GOAL GOAL USA. FIFA is an asshole. And...

Thursday Links - Delay The Inevitable, Jerks!


Mock draft. Job opening. Delaying the inevitable. NHL making money. Power Rankings. 538. Reebok blows. AHL hockey in a dome. Spezza wants out. Oil changes. World Cup. Asstime. Moose are not pets....

Wednesday Links - Brace Yourselves, Kids.


Blues stuff. Fuck LA. Diving. Doughty. Bylsma. Aces. FUCK THE WAVE. DOUBLE RAINBOW. Olympics. Rick Reilly used to be good. City moose. And fucking mushmouth. Hockey blows sometimes.

Tuesday Links - That Old Slang


Goaltenders. Logos. Hockey stick canes. Fuck LA. Perds booth changes. Bozon skates. Widen the trapezoid?! Kevin Miller owes money. Palat extended. Worst sportswriter in America. 100 year old does...

Monday Links - Bacon Oreo Cheesecake Sandwiches


The headline really says it all, but I threw some links in here too. Like Brian's latest from "The '14 File", me calling out another dumbfuck Blackhawks fan and other stuff and things.

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