Friday Light Links - Friggin' California

Blues at Ducks. Trade rumor stuff. Fuck Chicago. End of an era for Ryan Miller. Breakfast cereals, ranked. Your new Umlaut Overlord. And RIP, Tim Wilson. Friday, bitches.

Thursday Links - Well, Glad THAT'S Over With

Blues lose. Beyond Checkerdome. Trade stuff. Zamboni driver. Power Rankings. Trade requests. Dumb reporters. Shattered glass. Pygmy Owl. Fairweather sports fans. Meth. And awesome hits caused by awful hit attempts. The weekend approaches.

Wednesday Links - Games Of Consequence!

It snowed a lot here. Quotes. Deadline shit. Hannu Toivonen still sucks. Post-Olympic primer. NM and PITB. Olympics' effect on teams. Injury updates. Legwand out of Nashville? MAF's sweet mask. Timmy Ho's to StL! And an insane goal. GAME DAY!!!!!

Tuesday Links - Back To Your Day Job

Stray dogs. Olympic report cards. Obscene Alex. What We Learned. Milan Hejduk officially retires. Hockey hugs. Fuck your hypothetical. RIP, Harold Ramis. Fuck Dominica's skiers. Tattoo yo' dick. And classic clips. Time to get back to work.

Thursday Open Bar - Eviscerate Canada Twice

Not gonna offer much in this, my last links post before the end of the Olympiad. So hey, ladies (and gents), go kill Canada, please, will you? Alright, thanks! This round's on me.

Wednesday Links - Full On America

Guesting on podcasts. The Teej Rule. Why the NHL can't quit the Olympics. David Poile update. NHL in Seattle? Kuznetsov? Sister Christian?! Curling. Medals. Top Gun. Dumb baseball fight tactics. And DOUBLE VIDEO. HOP ON BOARD THE AMERICA BOAT.

Tuesday Links - Finding An Opponent

Team USA and Team Canada for women's hockey gold, as expected. We get to see some actual GOOD curling teams. Team USA's men will play the Czechs or Slovakia, but not both combined. And a couple of really cool videos, one with Teej. GO AMERICA.

Monday Links - Red, White & Teej All Over

TJ Oshie is a popular sumbitch. And we should be happy about that. Also, other things happened. And we get word on what one man's American Dream is. Getcha coffee ready.

Thursday Open Bar - Time For America

I get to participate in management training for work in a few hours, so a few light snacks for you to munch on while you carb-load on beer ahead of today's Olympic hockey games. Root for anyone, but always root for America.

Wednesday (Late) Links - Naptime

Never take a nap right before bedtime. You end up sleeping longer, and you're not supposed to sleep until you die. Have some links!

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