Monday Links - Bacon Oreo Cheesecake Sandwiches


The headline really says it all, but I threw some links in here too. Like Brian's latest from "The '14 File", me calling out another dumbfuck Blackhawks fan and other stuff and things.

Thursday Links - Fun With Eulogies


Bad goalie contracts. Beyond Checkerdome. Eulogy time. Jeff Brown wins awards. Kings win in OT. Cup pictures. Simpsons NHL. Hockey World Cup? Weekend At Bernie's type shit in the D. Fake cops. And...

Wednesday Links - Doc Emrick is the Greatest


Doc Emrick is great. Hockey Hugs. Dan Hinote. Outdoor game in the Bay Area. Fuck Carcillo. NYR fans should fly to LA. Pierre to Pittsburgh? Shitty weaponry. Bullshit unwritten rules. Destructive...

Tuesday Links - Harry Carabita Liked To Drink


Depressing stats. Kings not the cock of LA. Doughty falls over. Game Seven ratings. Cup tickets are expensive. Habs eulogy. Hockey or hipster? Bad goalie contracts. Harry Caray. Vin Scully....

Monday Links - A Certain Song By Paper Lace


Fuck Chicago. But Fuck LA. Fuck LA. But Fuck Chicago. And on . . . and on . . . and on . . . and on . . . and on . . . oh, and a certain Blackhawks "fan" video from 2010 and a certain song by Paper...

Thursday Links - Thor's Hammer


A new center. Fuck Chicago. Fuck LA. Game Six at MSG. Power Rankings. Corey Hart postpones. Rene Bourque's parents' lawn. The Coyotes lose Glendale money. Fuck Cardinals fans. Broke people. Hank's...

Wednesday Links - Finnick's Trident


Is there hockey going on or something? BLUES NEWS: The Blues hired a goaltending coach . . . Jim Corsi. Ironically, for a long time he was the goaltending coach of Ryan Miller, who will not be...

Tuesday Links - Jon Snow's Longclaw


Predicting Corsi. No more #NHL15Oshie THANK FUCKING CHRIST. Fuck LA. Fuck Chicago. Game Five out east. The West rules. New Japanese holidays. WWI battlefield creepiness. Eichhörnchen. And Jon...

Memorial Day Links - Link's Master Sword


Bad trades. Prospect Sunday. San Louie does it again. Baseball no-hitter. Indy winner from Tejas. Memorial Day cooking. Germans try to say "squirrel". And CONSTRUCTING LINK'S MASTER SWORD FROM...

Thursday Links - So the Hawks CAN Lose At Home?


Goalie grades. Beyond Checkerdome. Fuck LA. Fuck Chicago. Habs/Rags Game 3. Doc Emrick soundboard. Power Rankings. Chicago-Style Pizza is a bread bowl. Fuck Pierre McGuire. Ovechkin. Bees. Pot....

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