Thursday Links - Don't Be A Jerk

Podcast. Worrying about Stewart. Eviscerating troll dicks. Scrivens stands on his head. Another Blackhawks fan plays the role of "jerk". Rick Reilly gets annihilated. And music from Frozen! (Kinda.) It's Thursday, y'all.

Wednesday Links - Crappy Goaltender Gets Shutout

Blues win. Jaro gets shutout; TRADE HIM NOW. NHL in Sochi in question again. Honoring Rick Rypien right. Cal Clutterbuck is still a douche, not shockingly. Pizza is meh? Fuck you. And explaining Saturday's goal reversal. Celebrate a win with links!

Tuesday Links - Another Dance With The Devil(s)

Blues host Devils. Lots of Blues stuff. Andy Greene. A Malort-soaked Crown of Shit. Michel Therrien is not helping the Canadiens. Jay Feaster is not helping himself. Pastabilities. Fires caused by cow farts. And WHO IS PEYTON MANNING'S FATHER?! Yee.

Monday Links - WHAT AM UH ROOMER

Ryan Miller did not get traded to the Blues overnight. Get back to your bunker, and if you believed any of that bullshit, get fucked with a rusty hammer. Or click some links instead!

Thursday Links - Finding MSG In Your Hockey

Blues in Manhattan. Army ain't scared. Skip Tracer finds Jason Bacashihua. Podcast. Hullie rules. One fan's concerns. Defenseman swap. Nathan Gerbe disrespects the shit out of hockey. Beer-flavored jelly beans. Football. And Onrait/O'Toole. Game day!

Wednesday Links - Not Trying

Gonna give as much effort as the Blues did last night. Fuck back-to-backs with travel.

Tuesday Links - A Case Of The Runs

Blues over Detroit. Fuck Detroit. Jimmy Howard has the runs and a bad knee. Games were played. Things were said on the internet. And watch Skip Bayless get eviscerated by Richard Sherman. But really, Fuck Detroit. And poo-poo on Jimmy Howard.

Monday Links - [FORNICATE] Detroit

Fuck Detroit. Blues play in Detroit tonight. Fuck Detroit. Numbers. Fuck Detroit. Teams played yesterday. Fuck Detroit. Broncos vs. Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Fuck Detroit. Other stuff. Fuck Detroit. And a video. Fuck Detroit.

Thursday Links - Kings Without A Crown

Blues host Kings. Beyond Checkerdome. Win tickets! Lots of odd trades. Bobby Ryan can't handle the heat of being snubbed. NFL team logos as hipsters. And Peyton Manning is Goddamn hilarious about "Omaha". Game days are the best days.

Wednesday Links - Win However You Can

Blues win ugly. Game of inches. Oshie the top star. Passing stats project. One second and a shitload of PIM's. More numbers. Fictional baseball team. Pederast dick-hanging cartoon bear. Acupuncture gone wrong. And Officers Onrait & O'Toole. Hump day!

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