Thursday Late Open Bar - Need A Bloody Mary?

Blues host Kings. Winter Classic. America. Onrait/O'Toole commercial outtakes. And . . . not much else. So grab a seat, flag down the nearest bartender and get yourself a damn spicy Bloody Mary for your two-day hangover. And tip your bartender.

Auld Link Syne - Keepin' Dat Belt

Blues beat Wild(s). Chris Stewart's face asplode. JayBO-face. Dion Phaneuf: Paper Counter. Winter Classic. No appeal for Thornton. Awesomeness from the Lightning(s). WJC. Suck it, Indiana. And Pat Sajak gon' DRANK. Happy motherfuckin' New Year.

Tuesday Links - Once More With Feeling, 2013!

Blues meet Wild(s). Attendance issues. Outdoor games getting old already. [REDACTED] Conference III week in review. Memes. Tweets. Average Jimmy Howard on Team USA? Wrestling dinner theater. And Jay & Dan again. Click on things.

Monday Links - Retaining The Conference III Belt

Blues beat Dallas. Blues own Conference III. GIF. Prospect Sunday. #USABestHockey. Blue Jackets player undresses Pens defenseman. SHARK. Football sadness. And the same Goddamn song over and over and over and over again. Grab an extra cup of coffee.

Sunday Links - Beating Chicago Is Fun!

Blues win in dance-off. Fuck Chicago. Dmitrij Jaskin had himself a day. Steen out. Seidenberg done for season. Phaneuf gon' get PAID. Canada roster. Broken cups. Soccer miss from one yard out. Zero fucks given. And helping the deaf. Sunday Sinday!

Saturday Links - Today's Paper Headline Will Rule

Blackhawks at Blues. Fuck Chicago. Injury updates. Fenwick error. Prospect teaser. Insane USHL goal. Winter Classic musings. Trending Topics. Mad, then happy, soccer fans. Oompa Loompas. And the Blues Brothers. Grab a coffee and get to clickin'.

Friday Links - Jake Doty Goes HAM

No hockey games. Jake Doty goes HAM. Kurker goes AMERICA. WJC. Geordies. Tim Howard being dumb. And the Calgary Hitmen wish you a Merry Christmas. Welcome your temporary Weekend Overlord.

Thursday Links - Quebecois Invasion

Blues host Habs tonight. The Schnoz gets a raise. Beyond Checkerdome. Tom Stillman, interviewed. Hockey year in review. Engelland suspended. Sydney Opera House in Legos. And Barry Hinson is crazy. I'm taking a week off after this.

Wednesday Open Bar - Effort Gets Us Nowhere

God I hope David Backes comes back soon. If you don't think the team misses him, watch last night's game. The team misses him. Anyway, light links for your hump day.

Tuesday Links - Negativity Might Be Okay Right Now

Blues lose. Backes hurt, probably concussed. Blues vs. Sharks tonight. Yeah, last night sucked and tonight might be worse. But hey, see some last-minute hockey-related Christmas gift ideas and a Blues' holiday video and its' outtakes!

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