Patrick Kane Censors Confused Child's Shirt


No need to get angry at Kane for covering up the Blues' logo here. The bigger question is what in the world is wrong with this child's sense of sports loyalty? He lives in Buffalo, is wearing a Blues shirt, and is sporting a Blackhawks hat while meeting a local hero. Kid needs to straighten out his priorities.

Sobotka Awarded 1-Year Deal Through Arbitration


Whenever Vladimir Sobotka decides to return from the KHL, he'll be property of the St. Louis Blues for a season.

Vladimir Sobotka Went To KHL Over "Respect"


Sobotka added the decision to make the jump to the KHL was based on wanting "to prove that I am more" and "go to a team where [they] will respect me."

From The Because if there's something that the Blues did it wasn't respect Vladimir Sobotka, that's for sure. As much as I like Sobe as a player, I still think that he was overused on the second line despite his high corsi. This may've lead to him overvaluing himself, and adds to the absurdity of the situation.

Nashville was in on #ROYWATCH entire time!


Apparently the Nashville Perds were in on SLGT's #ROYWATCH the entire time!

Only for $1,000,000 per point over 36.

And with proceeds going to "Mr. Hard-R" Derek Roy.

Whew! Remember when D-Roy want $6MM/yr?

and the Blues gave him $4MM/yr?

Those were crazy times, no?

Here's The Blues' Latest Addition, Benn Ferriero


The Blues signed Benn Ferriero to a one year, two way deal today. No word on where the rest of his mugshot is. But hey, Hockey's Future gave him a B!

Ott Brings Grit. Remember that.


Yes, grit and determination, because the Blues have none of that without Steve Ott. Zip.

Omsk Signs Sobotka To Three Year Deal


Enjoy the Google translated goodness. Monetary terms aren't out, but Sobotka's going to be a KHL all-star for at least three more years.

Adam Cracknell Signs With The Kings

Cracknell's deal is for one year, $600,000. The Cracknell has been released.

Blues Got Hometown Discount For Stastny


"Colorado was great to deal with but we just could not match up on a deal," [agent Matt] Keator told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday after the signing. "As we went through the UFA process and Paul looked beyond Colorado, the Blues became the best option. "Paul took less money and years to sign with St. Louis because it is his hometown and the team is a (Stanley) Cup contender."

Jeremy Rutherford, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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