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David Backes Returns To Lineup For Game Four

Rutherford's working on confirmation for tonight, but it looks like the captain is back. I have mixed emotions on this, obviously. But I do think he may be what the Blues need to get over the hump.

Will Backes Be Back Sooner Than Later?

A couple of quotes from Ken Hitchcock make it easy to jump to that conclusion.

Brent Seabrook Suspended Three Games For Hit On David Backes

This is about what I was expecting for the hit - regular season, maybe a game or two more. Three games in the playoffs is huge, and he's a very important player for the Blackhawks. This could throw a wrench in their gameplan for the rest of this series.

Blackhawks Taunt David Backes After Hit To Head

Talk about poking the bear - this kind of behavior - playoffs or not - is going to lead to repercussions.

Seabrook To Have Phone Hearing For Backes Hit

Here's the English translation from Google Translate: Unsurprisingly, Brent Seabrook will be explained with Stéphane Quintal (phone) for his actions at the expense of David Backes A phone hearing means a five game suspension at the maximum.

Slightly Late Western Conference Preview

Occasional contributor to the St. Louis Game Time paper Jeff Fahrenkrog has crunched the numbers and has been kind enough to contribute his preview and predictions.

T.J. Oshie Not Playing Tonight

Well, damn. I guess this means we'll be starting the playoffs with Steve Ott on the top line. But hey! Vladimir Tarasenko's back!

T.J. Oshie's Enterprise Ad Is Out

Nice being the featured team in an ad that includes one of our real players, isn't it?

Blues Vs. Blackhawks Series Preview

The Blues have a tough road ahead of them - will they take the opportunity to rebound against the defending champs?

Injured Blues Returning For Round One

The Blues're getting some reinforcements for round one. Will it be enough?


Go To The Damn Games.

The Blues will have some seats available for Thursday night's game - and the aftermarket prices are reasonable as well. And we all know what that means.

Stanley Cup Odds: Blues/Bruins Final Ahead?

Fans may not be optimistic about the Blues' chances in the playoffs, but odds-makers are.

Blues/Blackhawks Round 1 Schedule Released

The Blues' first round matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks will begin Thursday night at Scottrade.

Five out of twelve ain't bad.

Going to be one heck of a fan appreciation day/national broadcast/chance to somehow win the Central.

Blues Recall Ty Rattie From Chicago Wolves

The Blues are the walking wounded right now - can Rattie bring some spark to the lineup?

Reinforcements: Blues Recall Aucoin, Cracknell

Plan the parade - the Blues' offensive problems are done! What are the odds that we see Aucoin on the PP tonight and Cracknell on the second line? I sense they're going to be pretty high.

NHL Central Scouting Releases Final Draft Rankings

Hopefully the Blues won't have to worry about this, but it's always nice to know who teams're tanking for.

Scottrade Answers Prayers, Boosts Cell Signal

Verizon Wireless is bringing WiFi to Blues games so now you can tweet all about how random the lines are on any given evening.

Alexander Steen Returns Against Capitals From Injury

It couldn't happen soon enough. Welcome back, Steen.

Is The Blues' Secondary Scoring Slipping?

There've been some friendly Twitter discussions among Game Timers regarding the Blues' offense and rate of scoring. What better way to discuss it than in more than 140 characters?

Vladimir Tarasenko Out For Six Weeks

The Blues' forward is having a career season cut short thanks to a nasty injury.

Blues Hockey For Dummies: Game Time Edition

The Post-Dispatch had their crack at helping the casual fan understand hockey. Now it's our turn.

T.J. Oshie, Video Star

Teej is getting ready to be on your TV a lot more than he already is. Brace yourselves for the invasion of the Teej.

Oshie Probably Said Too Much On Extra

Olympic Celebrity (!) T.J. Oshie was interviewed by Extra, and he gives away some pretty important information.

*Clang* "OFF THE POST!" has been said 44 times this year.

Fans of every club in the NHL probably believe that their team leads the league in shots that hit the post. Well, if you're a Blues' fan and feel that way, it's because you're right. Blues defenseman Barret Jackman hit a post early in the third period of Thursday's game, marking the 44th time this season that one of the team's shots has clanked iron. According to Stats Inc., that total ranks No. 1 in the NHL.

Paajarvi is producing in crunch time for the Blues : Sports

Companies Lose Athletes' Luggage Just Like Yours!

Athletes have problems with shipping companies just like you and I do.

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