Tuesdays With Hildy

Postmortem: Blues Drop Central Title With A Thud


The Blues, despite excellent play for the first two-thirds of the season, are finishing second in the Central Division.

Blues Losing Streak Indicative Of Deeper Issues


This is more than a bad patch, this is more than a funk. This is a pattern.

An Idiot's Guide To An Idiot's Guide About Hockey


The writers at the Post-Dispatch are taking a time out from spring training to give the bandwagon Blues fans some help.

Do The Blues Need Steve Ott's Grit?


No one can argue that Steve Ott is a gritty kind of guy - but is that what the team's missing?

Blues Ribbon Recipes: A 1991 Cookbook


eBay is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to old charity cookbooks. Here I share the best from the Blues'.

Stop Being Petty About The Stanley Cup


On yesterday's STLToday.com, the Hockey Guy Jeff Gordon points out the shortcomings of the 'Canes, and mentions that the Blues haven't won the Stanley Cup. Should we even care?

Blues At The Halfway Point: Evaluations


The Blues have completed 41 out of their 82 regular season games. How are they, and the individual players, performing?

Blues Attendance Problems A "Red Flag" All Season


The St. Louis Blues are having issues drawing at the gate. Is it something that fans as well as the front office should worry about?

Here We Go Again: Skill Over Work?


This seems to happen at least once a season. Maybe it's a good thing that it's happening after a small rough patch early on.

POLL: The Future Of Shatty, Petro, and JBo


A tidbit of a factoid in the game notes for tonight's Ducks at Blues game got me wondering what the Game Time community would think about the evolution of two of the the Blues' top defensive...


Do The Blues Need A Scorer Or A Sniper?


The Blues have the third highest average goal total per game in the NHL; are they still lacking that special something to get them over the playoff hump?

First The Cardinal Way, Now The Blues Way?


We've been reading about The Cardinal Way for the past month. Now the Blues are getting in on the "class" act.

Blues Have 5th Lowest Average Ticket Prices In NHL


The Blues offer some bang for their buck while keeping the increase in average ticket prices modest.

The Blues' Confidence In Halak Is Huge


The Blues' starting goaltender is playing better than he has in years, and the team has four wins to thank him for. Does this mean that Brian Elliott's time is numbered?

Blues Have The Lowest Team Valuation In The NHL


Folks get too caught up in the monetary side of things sometimes.

Blues Sign Brenden Morrow To One Year Deal. Why?


The Blues may be looking to add some veteran leadership, but with an already clogged bottom six and their own leaders in house, why are they looking outside of the organization?

Blues Trying To Limit Blackhawks Fan Attendance


The Blues have followed the lead of the Nashville Predators in trying to limit the number of Blackhawks fans in attendance at the games this year.

Jaroslav Halak's Summer Should Quiet Critics


The Blues' goaltending tandem has been a source of controversy the past two seasons despite the coaching staff stating that Halak was the starter. Will his summer workout routine finally silence...

Alex Pietrangelo Contract Talks Taking Forever


Should Blues fans worry if Petro holds out much longer? There's not a danger of him leaving, but there're other possibilities to consider.

Alex Pietrangelo Is Not Zach Bogosian.


The Blues' general manager and the GM of the Winnipeg Jets will be paying (or have paid, as the case may be) for two very different things, and that's what should matter in these contract talks.

Jaroslav Halak: Can We Please Drop The Drama?


The situation between he and Ken Hitchcock was much ado about nothing according to the two involved parties. Why does it keep getting brought up?

Blues Finally Spending Close To The Cap


Blues fans have long opined that the team often seems to be spending to the floor. Now that the team's spending closer to the cap, will fans be happy and will the team succeed?

Bovada Has Blues At 12/1 Odds For The 2014 Cup


In the spirit of "the king is dead; long live the king," Bovada already has released their odds for next year's Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Danny Briere And The Blues: Does It Make Sense?


The CBA buyout season is in full swing, with the Philadelphia Flyers buying out a playoff hero. Could he fit in here in St. Louis?

The Other L.A. Kings Eulogy.


The eulogy at Puck Daddy isn't the only one that exists.

Just For Fun: How Do The Blues Get Malkin?


There's no way that the Penguins trade their star center, but just for laughs, let's speculate what the Blues would have to send Pittsburgh's way.

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