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Paper Looking Good, NHL Looking Good.

By gallagher

Tons of headway on the paper and getting lots of volunteers, too. That part is great, because they do it knowing that basically no money is being made. People just love this sport. My hawkers, who sell the paper on the corners, make more than anyone basically. And they're not making much, trust me. I'm emboldened and, to quote the Simpsons, embiggened by the strong showing of support. I'm sending my mock to my graphics buddy in a few minutes. He's great, so I'm really excited by his participation.

Our favorite game is looking pretty good, too. Although I hate to see Pavol Demitra leading the Kings with 2 GWG ans Chris Pronger's Oilers sitting at 3-0, I have confidence that the Note will be back. This NHL is way more fun than the version we last saw, and if the rfs can keep it up, the players can learn the way and the fans can keep up the support, we're going to have a great game on our hands.

In spite of those god-awful myNHL commercials.