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The Downside of the Center Ice Package

By gallagher

So, I got the Center Ice package a couple years ago when I was writing for the GNR. My job was the front page matchup, so I had to know about the other team, right? Well, what better way to know about the other team then to watch them play one or two games before they come to STL?

That actually worked out great. I really felt like I was providing better info to the GNR fans. Great. Now, however, as I try to get ready to launch Game Time, I find myself to be a flipper. I'm still going to write the front page (unless one of you can do better), but I have so many other responsibilities for this thing that I keep the NHL on constantly while I'm working on the mag.

But now, there are so many games, and I can't concentrate on just one. Plus, I know there is a 6-5 game going on somewhere, so if I'm watching a 1-0 Lightning/Pens game, I'm itchy as hell. I know there are more goals in Montreal. I know there are more in Buffalo. Hell, I know there are more in Anaheim.

So I gotta flip.

In the end, I see a Tkachuk-pile of games, but I only see a TJ Oshie-sized slice of each. I just gotta calm down and focus. Or I gotta hire a front page guy who is better than me. Hmm. I'm a tad cocky, so the second option is gonna be hard.