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By gallagher

Back in the military days, I learned that every big operation came down to a Go/No-Go checklist. There were several key points that must be Go, or the the operation would not be undertaken. Game Time is at the Go/No-Go point. The main Go/No-Go? I have already invested a couple thousand dollars in this, but now I'm at the point where I have to invest the equivalent of purchasing a new car to go forward. A nice new car. Meanwhile, my actual car is a piecer, as my cousin would say. It looks nice, but it rattles and shimmies like a grandpa with emphesema.

On the positive side, I am getting great response from some great writers. These people clearly have the same passion for this team that I do. I've seen some of their work, and should see more soon, but I'm optimistic. Everyone involved wants to have a different perspective from the standard media outlet folks, which is great. I love this team and the players, but I hate puff-pieces. Piecers. These folks aren't the puff-piece filler type of folks.

As I told one guy, all I want is your knowledge and your passion. I assume that's all the readers want, too.

By the way, this is officially my 10 year anniversary and my wife is in bed. I'm writing to you. You're not even reading this as it happens, but hopefully you will get to this point as this Game Time community sucks you in. My wife is my executive editor for this project and we wouldn't even be at the Go-No Go without her support. By the way, she is an evil editor. She's even got a grammar handbook that she'll be breaking out on these sports articles. She's the greatest. And I'm not even saying that because she's going to read this. Which I would. But after 10 years I know she won't. Self-indulgent tripe, is what she'd call it. Or just dorky. Depending on her mood.

Here's a funny story. I recently went to Cleveland for the weekend to hang out with some college buddies. Along the way, I lost my drivers license and credit card. That's the second straight time I've lost those items when getting together with these guys. I called the wife/editor to tell her the bad news. Her response? "Seriously? You're an idiot." Click.
But that was about the end of it. And, she was right, so what can you do? Who loses that stuff twice in a row?

Anyway, I was running this all by her tonight, and she's pushing me towards Go. How great is that?