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By gallagher

So let's freakin' go. I got a ton of great help and encouragement from Jeffio the other night. I got a 'Go' from the wifeditor. I got an "I'm in" from a potentially fantastic columnist. We're definitely Go.

I couldn't be more excited. There are some changes coming though. Jeffio is a a stats guy. I'm a words guy. So, the GNR leans towards the stats folks. GT will lean towards the writing. But, honestly, it's like the difference between a moderate conservative and a moderate liberal. And yes, I made Jeff the conservative in that metaphor. I did it just to piss him off.

But anyway, my point is that the mag will still be very similar. Stat stuff that will die will be ref stats and some of the extended leaders stats. And the Blues record when... stuff will be gone. The reason it's gone is that it is way too hard to get that compiled. Jeffio was a stats/numbers guy from the get-go. I'll bet that when he was a deckhand on the Mississippi barges, he was doing math and stats on the cargo, the boatspeed, poundage of herbage smoked, beers drank per port and dollars spent per portcall. My guess is his fellow silt swimmers weren't that excited about his findings.

In the place of those items, you'll see more articles. I have a great prospects guy who has a great plan to introduce you to the top 40 prospects in the Blues' system. Forty. The top forty prospects. 40. Can you believe it? How comprehensive is that? With the team in a building mode, this info couldn't be more important. Plus, with the Note looking square into the face of a high draft pick, the draft preview could be interesting to have.

I also have a couple great contributors who will get everyone ready for the new rules of the NHL, the new players wearing the Note and some comedy for you as well. One of my contributors may even become a columnist, which gives you yetr another person to learn to love.

Anything can happen now, but I like the plan and I like the guys I'm going in with. I like where this is going.

We're definitely Go.