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It’s All About To Start.

By gallagher

We're officially going out on November 2nd against the Hawks. This is significant for several reasons. One, the Hawks, as terrible as they have been for the last decade, have always been the Blues' biggest rivals. Due to recent events, most Blues fans and players hate the Wings (and their fans) more now, but if the Hawks and Blues sink to similar levels (as seems to be happening), then this rivalry could get heated again.

Secondly, it's a nice transition from the GNR to GT. A long-standing tradition with the GNR was that the headline always included the phrase "Hawks Suck". With our first issue, the headline will include the phrase "Hawks Suck".

And third, my first Blues game was a Blues-Blackhawks tilt at the Arena. And so now you know why I was immediately hooked. But more on that at a later day.

On November 2nd, you get to meet my writers. And my writers are great. My columnist Robb Schuneman is going to grab your attention with his humor and his hate for every team that isn't the Blues. Chris Zacher and Brian Weidler are going to bring prospect info to you that you simply can not get anywhere else. Trust me, I've tried. Chris Gift is freakin' hilarious. You're going to hope he contributes to every issue. I know I do. Chris Moresi isn't afraid to make you look at this team in a different light.

We're different. We're going to be fun to read. We're going to give you something that no one else can. I can't wait.

Jeffio will be writing for us in our first issue. I can't even explain how much it means to me. having slaved over this thing just to get one issue out, I have gained a ton of respect for Jeffio and his 10 YEAR run with the GNR. Simply impressive.

And on a serious note, Bob Broeg passed away tonight. I never knew Mr. Broeg and I never read his work. But he was a colleague of my wife's grandfather, Bob Burnes, and I know how much the two of them meant to this town. In a sports crazy town like this, Mr. Burnes and Mr. Broeg were icons among the community in a time when the papers (yes, plural) were the only means to get info about the local scene. To me, they clearly were the rock stars of their time here. The passing of Mr. Broeg only reminds me of the outpouring of sympathy I saw firsthand when Mr. Burns died 10 years ago. It reminds me of how important the two were to this town and its fans. It reminds me... it just reminds me.