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Crunch Time For Game Time.

By gallagher

Still lots of work to do. My self-imposed deadlines are starting to roll in and the first of many is the day after tomorrow. After a very unproductive weekend, I'm into a major crush now. I'm also about to start spending money on this venture (and not just a tiny bit, either), so we've gotten down to put up or shut up.

The Blues open the new season with very few expectations, which is a new twist. Usually everyone assumes the playoffs and then expects to win a couple rounds. This year, the playoffs would be a major surprise. The team is basically counting on Patrick Lalime to show a consistency and poise that he may not be ready to show. Especially when one considers the defensive corps in front of him. Even if people are saying that they don't expect Eric Brewer to fill Chris Pronger's skates, they most certainly do expect him to fill those skates. Listen to the quotes, which include hopes like, "he has an offensive upside that he hasn't really shown yet," and prayers like, "he he a pounding defenseman who plays his position well."

Those quotes point to a young man who people expect to play like Pronger. He won't. He's good, but he's not that good. In fact, I think most fans are about to find out just how good Pronger was as a Blue.

Up front is a two man show. Can Weight, Tkachuk and 10 checkers turn out about 40-45 wins and a playoff berth? Hmm.

I expect big years from Lalime, Brewer and Tkachuk. I hope for one from Weight, but I've been saying that since he arrived in St. Louis. Other teams have made the playoffs with just four good players. Can the Blues? Wednesday's and Thursday's games will give us some indication.

Now that the season is underway, I'll be attempting some post-game words. as we get the Game Time launched, this blog will be the place for the website's additional content. There will also be a message board, but this will be where the ranting goes.