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Jackets In Tomorrow For Battle of the Basement.

By gallagher

Well, what can be said? Boguniecki is back. Yay?

Meanwhile, I hate to say it, but I think the Jackets can be good soon, too. Playing lots of good young homegrown kids. Not afraid to scoop up high-profile free agents like Berard and Foote. Looking to make trades. Not saying it'll be this year or even next, but these guys will be good soon. Nashville will be good. Detroit will continue to keep it's side of the deal with the devil and will stay on top. At least Chicago seems to keep sucking despite some good free agent pick ups.

Which brings me to tomorrow. Hope to see some folks down at the game. I'm really happy with the paper for the game, I think it's pretty entertaining. Plus, I think the Blues can win this game. No, seriously, I do. But, if you've read my post about St. Louis sports fans, you know I have an optimism problem.

Here's a last tease for tomorrow's paper: Chris Gift is now going write a column, and it's a doozy. His style is hard to define, but I find him to be really fun to read. I don't want to steal his thunder, but he's got some great references.

Robb Schuneman introduces himself a little better. He grew up near Detroit as a Blues fan. How insane is that? He must like fighting.

A comprehensive break down of the team's prospects. It's wild man. Brian Weidler killed it on this one. And even more Jeffio.

Plus a bunch of comedy bits and Top 11s. And, back by popular demand is the Referee page with stats on their calls for and against the Note.

Also, by request, anyone who missed the first issue and wants to pick one up, there will be some over at the NE corner of 14th and Clark with my vendor John. Pick up tomorrow's paper for $4 and grab the 1st issue for just $1 more. What a deal, eh?

See you all at the game.