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Hawks v Blues Has Me Looking At Records.

By gallagher

Yeah, hmm. Y'know, I actually believed that I could be talking about a two-game win streak right now. Instead, I'm looking up records.

8 wins. Record fewest - Washington Caps in '74-'75
71 losses. Most per season - San Jose Sharks in '92-'93
32 losses. Most at home - San Jose Sharks in '92-'93
6 wins. Fewest at home - Chicago Hawks in '54-'55

Some of these are safe. Some others are, well, not great for sales of the Game Time.

I think the Blues get more wins than 8 - even a blind squirrel finds a nut 9 times a season. Six wins at home? We get this one and we get the more than 8 wins one, too. Seventy one losses seems silly, but with the new W-L-OT, where OT actually counts as an L? That might happen. Can you see an 11-65-6 record? Nasty as it is, it could happen, and that actually equals 72 losses.

So, it's time to start learning about Phil Kessel and Alex Frolov, who are the next two top prospects that everyone will be talking about. And here's the one good thing about getting a good draft pick now: rookies can make a difference in the new NHL. Look at the rookie stats in the latest GT. Sid Crosby has great stats, but beyond him, there are easily 15 freshmen who are actually contributing to their teams. It's no longer crazy to think that an 18 year old kid can help the team.

Add to that the recently reduced UFA age and suddenly the Blues have a chance to be fun again. Youngsters like Marc Savard and proven vets with plenty in the tank (and Hep C) like Patrik Elias will be available. The list is way bigger, but I just can't put my hand on it right now. I'm not saying that it WILL happen, I'm just saying it COULD happen. By the way, you contract Hep C by ingesting fecal content. Remind me not go to Europe again. I knew I was chancing it when I ordered the puup soup in Prague. Never again.

So, here's hoping for at least 12 wins, 9 of which we need at home. That will steer the team clear of all those horrible records. Plus, we could do that and still get a good shot at this kid.

On a happier note, I had a great time out selling again. I love meeting you guys. The dude in the yellow practice sweater: thanks for the encouragement. The couple who honked their horn and bought two through the window: you're the best.

But here's the moment that made me laugh the most. All night long folks are walking by and looking at what I'm hawking. Most don't make eye contact, which I understand. Maybe I'm selling propoganda, maybe I'm just nuts. I'm actually both, but I understand your wariness.

As I'm yelling out, "Game Time! Program!" and holding one up for you to read, I can see you all reading the headline. I hear you laugh and tell your buddy. That's cool. Buy one next time. But then I see a little lady in a Hawks jersey walking along. She's clearly trying to read the headime, but can't quite make it out. So, I turned it just a hair so she'd be able to read it better. then I see her frown and she finally makes eye contact. Why isn't she impressed with me? The simple headline:

"Blackhawks Suck!"

Sometimes the simplest headlines are the most eye-catching.

In other GT news, welcome back to Jeremy Pratte and "Tales From The Crease". Also welcome aboard to Chris Reed, who had a nice Top 11 and who I expect to contribute more comedy bits. I also expect more goals from him for my rec-league hockey team. Go Wildcats.

And Go Blues. 12 wins total, 9 at home. Now we have a goal.